Review – Delivering Safe Medications Not Only For Men but For Everyone Review - Delivering Safe Medications Not Only For Men but For Everyone is a website that offers medicines for men and women as well as weight loss pills. Their website is simply designed yet missing some information such as when they started operating or their location. As consumers, we believe that such information is vital in order for us to trust on online store especially a drugstore.

This e-store offers medicines that are not hard to find. It looks like they joined the bandwagon of business-minded people that started online pharmacies. Their product catalog is consists of erectile dysfunction medicines in general and some weight loss pills plus drugs for women who need help regarding their sex life. All medicines offered by Safe for Men are from India and are generic brands.

For erectile dysfunction drugs, they offer generic Cialis, generic Levitra, and generic Viagra drugs. They also offer other brands of ED medicines such as Caverta, Eriacta, Kamagra, Tadalis, Zenegra, Tadalis, SUhagra, Stendra, Silagra, and Cialis Black. Other brands of erectile dysfunction medicines such as Generic Levitra Oral Jelly, Generic Cialis Oral Jelly, and Generic Viagra Oral Jelly are also available as well as other types (Soft Pills, Super Active, and Professional).

For pricing, the popular Indian Kamagra tablet is on sale for $3 per pill but if you will order at least 60 tablets, you can get it for $2.32 per pill. Caverta costs $9 per pill but if you will order at least 90 tablets, you only have to pay $5.77 each pill. For a branded Viagra, the regular price is $12 per pill but ordering 50 tablets can cut the price down to $7.18 per pill. As for generic Cialis, the price is $8 per tablet but if you will order 90 tablets, you can have it for $2.22 per pill. understands that consumers are challenged in finding an online pharmacy that they can trust while at the same time they can save money. With, you can now order at least 3 months’ worth of medication, save your safe the hassle of reordering and waiting, while at the same time be able to get a bigger discount.

One of the things that we noticed upon checking this website is the free shipping advertisement they have next to a large red truck. According to their FAQ page, Air Mail shipping is free on all orders. All orders can be paid with a Visa or a MasterCard. Safe for Men’s also accept eCheck. They also assure their customers that whatever amount you see on the checkout page is the only amount that will be deducted to your account.

In case something happens to your order, will refund or reship your order depending on your request. Their 100% guaranteed shipping is the same with the 100% payment security they are promising. It means that if you will order from them, your provided information is safe and will remain confidential.

For all queries and concerns, the only option to reach the support team of Safeformens is thru their ‘contact us’ page. Reviews

We all want a safe experience when ordering online and in order to do this, we, consumers, must help one another. In order to do so, the best way to do it is to write honest customers reviews regarding our experiences. This is something we believed in hence for, we trust the customer reviews that we found.

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Safeformens Reviews

One review that was found for this online pharmacy was shared by Alastair Griffiths. Alastair gave it a 5-star rating saying that it gave him an excellent service.

Alastair said that he ordered some ED pills from and he was excited to receive it after nine days. After trying it, he and his wife were surprised with the effect. He ended his review with a big thanks to and for making it easier for people like him to get such medications.

A negative review from Tyrone revealed how he hated the e-store for being a scam. He said he processed an order and was emailed that his card was not accepted. Apparently, they already stole his credit card information. Tyrone said his bank found out about it and stopped them from causing him further damage.

Safeformens Reviews

Another customer review that we found was from their Facebook page. The reviewer was Bruce Jones and he gave it a 5-star rating. Apparently, he did not leave a comment, just a rating.

With mix reviews from these customers, we went ahead and searched for newer customer reviews. Reviews 2018

From 5 star ratings in the last 3 to 4 years, we are surprised to come across with a negative review that got from one of its customers.

Safeformens Reviews 2018

A 2017 review that was updated this 2017 caught our attention because of the one-star rating it gave to Safe for Men’s. According to Jason Renner, the reviewer, the Viagra he received from Safe for Men’s was a junk. Jason ordered Viagra and he received pink pills with no markings. He added that it didn’t work on him and gave him side effects. His advice to online users is to stay away from this website.

With such review, we can say that not everyone seems to be happy with As for 2018, we were unable to find new reviews hence we cannot say if this website is still a good choice as of the moment. Coupon Codes

As of this writing, has released a coupon code that customers can use in order to save more. The code is SFMSSAVW10 and if applied, it will automatically give out a 10% discount off the total bill. To use it, just type the code on the voucher box and hit apply.

Safeformens Coupon Codes

Conclusion is an internet pharmacy that offers free shipping on all orders. Most of their old customers are happy with the service and product they received yet there are some customers in 2018 who are not happy as well. With the mix reviews they received, needs to work more on the way the do the business recently in order to get a better image as an online pharmacy.

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