Polarmeds.Com Review – A Drugstore with Very Few Testimonials and Fairly High Prices

Polarmeds.Com Review – A Drugstore with Very Few Testimonials and Fairly High Prices

Polarmeds.Com is an online drugstore that has been operating since the year 2002. This pharmacy which boosts CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) accreditation operates from Canada. The drugstore has managed to stay in business for over a decade and a half. This shows that the drugstore manages to keep their customers coming back.

Polarmeds.Com has over 2000 prescription and over the counter medications. The drugstore only focuses on selling medications which have been approved by the FDA. The drugstore does not necessarily require their buyers to have a prescription script for them to order. They offer consultations with pharmacists and Physicians whom they claim are licensed.

I decided to find out whether the pharmacy had any medications which could be applied in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The pharmacies had both generic and brand name erectile dysfunction meds. I decided to find out whether buying either generic or brand Cialis would be affordable. A pill of brand Cialis would cost $16.75. A pill of generic Cialis would cost you $4.75.

The pharmacy was not very clear on the shipping cost. However, the drugstore was clear about the delivery time. Polarmeds.Com states that medications take up to 3 days to process. After your medications have been processed, they may take up to 3 weeks to arrive. The pharmacy indicated that due to the possibility of customs delay, it would be wise to order your meds about 4 weeks in advance. If your shipment does not arrive even after three weeks have passed, you can contact Polarmeds.Com and inform them. The pharmacy states that they will reship lost orders and also provide refunds.

The pharmacy had a number of methods of payment. These include personal checks, certified checks, bank money orders, and international money orders. The fact that this drugstore does not accept credit cards is quite discouraging since the only payments a buyer has the ability to dispute are the payments made using credit cards.

Polarmeds.Com does not accept medication returns. This means that getting a refund from the drugstore is pretty hard if you receive the wrong medications. The drugstore indicates that they can exchange medications in the event of damage or defect. To reach the customer support department, you can call using 1 800 784 2309. You can also use the fax number which is 1 888 875 0946. To ask general questions, you can use [email protected] For drug questions, the email address to use is [email protected]

Polarmeds.Com Reviews

One thing that appeared to be peculiar to me about Polar Meds is the fact that even after the med store being in business for more than a decade and a half, it had very few testimonials. I managed to locate only one review left back in 2016. The review was positive. I have captured the review below:

Polarmeds.Com Testimonial

Lavergne Z. is happy with Polar Meds. She has been ordering her meds from the pharmacy for the past 4 years. She has been extremely happy with the drugstore. Her prescriptions in the United States would cost her $18,000 for one year. However, when she is sourcing her meds from the Canadian pharmacy, the price reduces to only $1,800 for a whole year. This means that she only has to pay a tenth of the money she pays for her medications in the United States at Polarmeds.Com. The team running the pharmacy is very professional when she talks to them. She is very happy that she found Polar Meds. She will be recommending Polar Meds to her friends. She says it is a shame Americans are forced to order their medications from a foreign country.

Polarmeds.Com Reviews 2018

I wanted to determine how Polar Meds is performing in the current year. I tried to locate reviews left by people who have already ordered their medications from the pharmacy in 2018. There were no 2018 reviews. The most recent review I found was written back in 2017. I have captured this review below:

Polarmeds.Com 2017 Review

Linda H. liked the amount of money she had to pay for her meds at Polarmeds.Com. She says that the pharmacy has good pricing. Also, she got great service from the customer support agents. The only problem she found is that drugs will take up to 3 weeks before they arrive. She suggests ordering medications early to overcome the long delivery time.

The 2 Polar Meds reviews I found online are positive. This means that you can consider trusting Polar Meds. However, it is always advisable that you trust a pharmacy that has a large number of customer testimonials. A pharmacy with numerous positive testimonials shows that the pharmacy can be trusted without any doubts.

Polarmeds.Com Coupon Codes

When it comes to helping customers save on their meds using coupon codes, Polar Meds was doing great. The pharmacy had numerous coupon codes on different coupon offering third-party sites. I have captured some of these coupons and deals below:

Polarmeds.Com Coupons and Deals

The coupons I have above are only applicable to customers who are ordering for the first time at Polar Meds. If you use the first deal, you will save 15 dollars on your first order. The second coupon code will also allow you to get a 15 dollars price reduction if you purchase medications worth more than $75.


Polar Meds is a pharmacy that appears to be good when judging it using the two reviews I found online. The reviewers are happy with the prices which are a 10th of the prices offered by pharmacies located in the United States. Also, the reviewers have praised the customer support department who were polite and responsive. Although Polarmeds.Com has low prices, the prices offered by the drugstore are not the lowest that you can find online. There pharmacies available online with even lower prices.

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