Review: Affordable Medication Wherever You Are Review: Affordable Medication Wherever You Are is an international drugstore that dispenses medicines from licensed Canadian pharmaceutical companies and international fulfillment centers. It is more of a fulfillment center as they serve as intermediaries for their customers and their partner fulfillment centers. With their current setup with their international partners, consumers who wish to refill their prescription online thru Canadianpharmacymeds can get as much as 90% savings on their medication.

A pharmacy that was established in 2004, reviews all prescriptions before dispensing a medicine. If the prescription is valid, they will send it to their MIPA, CIPA, and Pharmacy Checker verified fulfillment centers for delivery. The medicines offered by this e-store are manufactured by known pharmaceutical companies from Canada, India, New Zealand, Turkey, the US, and Australia. offers a lot of medicine. If you knew the name of the drug you need, you can search it on the search box provided. They do not have a list of medications offered because they always need to check with their fulfillment centers if the medicine you need is available. After testing the website, we found out that they currently offer Viagra, Cialis, Caverject, and Staxyn for erectile dysfunction. Viagra is currently offered at $82 for a pack of four 100 mg (branded Viagra). They also offer generic Viagra for $50 for a pack of four 100 mg. A pack of 25 mg (4 tablets) costs $38 and a pack of four (50 mg) costs $44.

So far, all medicines offered by Canadian Pharmacy Meds are approved by the FDA. If you want to proceed with your order, you will need a credit card to complete your payment. A standard price of $10 on every order applies as a shipping fee. Delivery within Canada takes up to 12 business days while international deliveries take up to 18 business days. All orders of Rx medicines require a prescription. Reviews

For 14 years, has been operating with their partners’ fulfillment centers in delivering medicines at a very low price to their customers. 14 years of experience is more than enough to prove that they are reliable and real because if they are not – they won’t last that long. For added proof, we decided to check some reviews from customers who used canadianpharmacymeds.

Canadianpharmacymeds Reviews

A 5-star review from David was what we found after searching the net for a canadianpharmacymeds customer review. It was a shared in 2011 and according to David, he was able to save almost a thousand US dollars with his medication after ordering from canadianpharmacymeds.

David ordered medicines from canadianpharmacymeds with his doctor’s knowledge. Aside from the price, David decided to stay with this online pharmacy because of the good support he received from their customer service team.

Canadianpharmacymeds Reviews

Another old review for Canadian Pharmacy Meds was shared by Mrs. I j in 2017. She gave it a one-star rating saying that this e-store should be avoided like a plague. She hated the junk emails that the website sends her every day plus the unwanted calls. She added that the antibiotics she ordered from the website were not effective hence she stopped using them. With mix reviews from third-party review websites, we can say that this e-pharmacy is ok, but not a great place. Reviews 2018

In an effort to verify if has improved in terms of customer experience, we checked for a 2018 customer review and found this.


Canadianpharmacymeds Reviews 2018

We found two reviews from a third party website. The first one was from Deacon who gave it a 5-star rating and one from Winnie who gave Canadian Pharmacy Meds a one-star rating.

As for Deacon, he has been a loyal customer of because he never had a problem with them. His orders are always on time and he appreciates the convenience of ordering online from a reliable online pharmacy.

The second review was shared by Winnie and her main reason for dissatisfaction is the endless junk mail she is receiving from this e-store. She even requested to be removed from their email list as she finds it annoying.

Canadianpharmacymeds Reputation Online

With these mixed reviews from a third party website, we conclude that Canadian Pharmacy Meds has not improved yet in handling their customers and they still send junk emails. It might be a good place for your prescription refills but not a great choice. Coupon Codes

Canadianpharmacymeds Coupon Codes

A coupon code is given by online pharmacies as a way to give more to their customers. With a coupon code, you can easily get an additional discount to your order. A coupon code is a combination of numbers and letters that is equivalent to some percentage or amount that will be subtracted from your total bill. To date, is offering many coupon codes that their customers can take advantage of.

For the current coupon code that canadianpharmacymeds released, they did not release a code but rather they invite consumers to click on the link and sign up for exclusive offers. The offer is valid only to customers who will sign up using the said link.

Both promo codes have an effective date of August 30 hence if you want to take advantage of this promotion, you can check the provided link above.

Conclusion is an internet drugstore and a fulfillment center in one. They are accepting drug orders and communicate it with their partner fulfillment centers around the world. After reading some information about this website, here are the things that we learned:

  • It is a fulfillment center with partner pharmacies all over the world such as New Zealand, the US, India, Singapore, Turkey, and the United Kingdom
  • It has been running and operating for the last 14 years (and counting)
  • It is based in Canada but the drugs they offer are from different countries and pharmaceutical companies
  • Its customers from the past and present are saying same things – they offer affordable medicines, and they have a good customer service team but many people complain about annoying promotional calls on a regular basis
  • Its fulfillment centers require a prescription for all Rx medicines
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