Review – A Pharmacy That is no Longer Operational Review - A Pharmacy That is no Longer Operational is an online pharmacy that was founded in 2002 but it is not clear where it is located. It is not clear what kind of medications are in stock as none has been displayed on the homepage. I tried creating an account to see if I would be able to access the medications but the message displayed said that they are no longer accepting the creation of new accounts.

BM Pharmacy is still online but there are no medications and there no activity on the website. Before the closure, used to sell generic medications at affordable prices which had earned it over 200,000 customers. I searched for more information using the wayback machine and discovered that the medications stocked were effective but there was no proof that they had been approved by the FDA.

The medications that were stocked at BM Pharmacy were classified into various categories like Acne, Anti- Depressant Medications, Epilepsy Medications, Infections Drugs, Arthritis Drugs, Cholesterol Medications, Bipolar drugs, General Health Medications, Pain Control Medications, Weight Loss Drugs, Women’s Health Medications, Gout Medications, Diuretic Medications, Migraine, and Men’s Health.

Among the best selling medications at BM Pharmacy were generic erectile dysfunction medications which included Vardenafil, Cenforce, Gel Caps, Assorted Hard Pack, Female Sildenafil Citrate 100mg, Sildenafil citrate 50mg, Sildenafil Citrate 100mg Soft Tabs, Sildenafil citrate 100mg Oral Jelly, Sildenafil 100mg + Dapoxetine 60mg, Sildenafil Citrate Combo His and Hers Pack, and Sildenafil Citrate 100mg, among others. No prescription was required to purchase any of the medications that were stocked at

There were several payment methods that were used in paying for the medications which included Visa, eCheck, and Money Order.

The shipping of medications from was done via EMS where customers who live in the United States would get their medications within 14 days whereas those who live in the European countries would get their medications within 21 days. There is conflicting information regarding the shipping charges where BM claims that the shipping was free but there is information claiming that the shipping charges for orders below 400 tablets would be charged $35 for the shipping and for tablets above 400, the charges would be $65. It is not clear which information is correct.

There is no information that explains what happened if the medications were not delivered or if they were damaged during the shipping. It is also not clear what would have happened if a customer wished to return his medications after they had been shipped to him.

To contact BM Pharmacy, there was a contact number that one could use to call the customer service team. There was also the option of a live chat where one would speak to a customer service representative and get an immediate answer. I tried this option to know if it is still active but I could not get through. It seems this too is no longer in operation.

Bmpharmacy Live Chat Reviews

There were several reviews that were available regarding the services offered at BM Pharmacy most of which were negative.

One of the customers said that he had ordered from twice and his order was delivered on time. His only problem was that there was no indication of the manufacturer who made the medications. He adds that one would feel safer if he took the medications whose manufacturer was known to him.

Another customer placed an order and his card was immediately debited

Another customer placed an order and his card was immediately debited. The medications were never delivered and any attempt of trying to get a refund has not been successful. His order is also not yet delivered.

Bmpharmacy Reviews

There is also another customer who was unable to place his order for 45 days. He was given various avenues to help him process his order but none went through. In the end, the money he was submitting for his medications was declined when the company that was collecting money on behalf of BM Pharmacy stopped doing business with them. Despite the frustrations, he was banned from making other attempts to place his order in the future. Reviews 2018

There are no current reviews regarding BM Pharmacy since it is no longer possible for customers to conduct any transactions with them. is no longer accepting the creation of new accounts and there is no way to know if the customers who had accounts before the creation of the new account was suspended are still able to access the website.

There are some positive reviews that were available on the website which were positive before the website ceased to operate.

The only option is left is to sign up to receive newsletter but it is not certain if this will work since every other operation has been disabled. Coupon Codes

There were a few discounts that customers could have used to lower the prices of the medications purchased at

A customer who was able to place more than one order at BM Pharmacy was entitled to a 10% loyalty discount that would be automatically applied to his account.

There was a 10% discount that was given to all customers who purchased medications at

Bmpharmacy Discounts

There was also an indication that the shipping of medications from BM Pharmacy was free to all destinations worldwide. This is however disputable as there was another indication that the shipping charges was either $35 for tablets that were less than 400 and $65 for tablets that were more than 400.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that had conflicting reviews from customers who used to purchase medications from them. The website that hosts BM Pharmacy is still online but there is no activity that is ongoing at the moment. No medications are in stock and the customer service is not operational either. It is not also possible to create a new account since this has been suspended by the website owners. It is not clear if the website will be operational in the future but at the moment, there it is not possible to purchase any medications.

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