Xroids.com Review – A Drugstore with Fair Prices

Xroids.com Review – A Drugstore with Fair Prices

Xroids.com is a web pharmacy whose major aim is to help bodybuilders get a cheap supply for their Steroids. The store makes it easy for bodybuilders to get their steroids without the need to get a prescription script from the doctor first. According to what I found on the pharmacy website which was recently moved from Xroids.com to Xroids.to, they are an official supplier of popular steroid manufacturers including Dragon Pharma, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Singani Pharma, Gen-Shi Labs, Sciroxx, and Balkan Pharmaceuticals. Like most of the other steroid selling online drug stores, the location of Xroids.com remains discreet.

The drugstore does not only focus on selling Steroids online. Xroids.com also stocks erectile dysfunction medications, weight loss meds, and general health medications. The site sells both injectable and oral steroids. I checked the price for Injectable Steroids. One of these was Testoxyl Cypionate which is manufactured in India by a company called Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. A 10mg vial would cost you $47.

Besides checking the price for the steroids, I also checked the prices for the erectile dysfunction solutions offered by Xroids.com. The store had numerous solutions for impotence including brand and generic Viagra. One pill of brand Viagra would cost you $11.55. A pill of generic Viagra will be worth $1.5. To me, this price appeared to be a little bit thoughtful. Most men will have the ability to afford the generic Viagra being offered by Xroids.com.

This online pharmacy did not disclose the payment methods available. The only thing the pharmacy indicated in their FAQ page under their methods of payment is that they accept various methods of payment. Unlike other sites which have only one currency, Xroids.com had included different currencies on its website. Buyers would have the ability to change their currencies to either USD, EUR, or GBP. This makes things much easier when paying since you may not need to do conversion calculations.

The pharmacy indicated that they shipped their products in discreet packages. They indicated neither the name of the organization nor of the drugs inside will appear on the package. The shipping charges range between $15 and $30. When the delivery arrives, the pharmacy will require their clients to give their signature. Xroids.com states that this is to ensure maximum safety.

Once you have paid for your meds at Xroids.com, the processing of your order is initiated. This will take approximately 1 to 3 business days. After the processing has finished, the delivery process is initiated which takes between 7 to 15 days with the weekends excluded. International orders may take up to 25 days to arrive. In case your order is not delivered within 25 days, you can open a ticket with the pharmacy by contacting them. The pharmacy does not have a phone number. The only way to reach out to their customer support department is through their contact page where you get to fill out an integrated form and send them an email. Also, the site does not have a live chat option.

Xroids.com Reviews

Since there are so many fake steroid pharmacies operating online, I decided to find out whether Xroids.com is actually real. The only way to determine this is through checking the reviews which have been written by the drugstore previous customers. I located numerous testimonials on a third-party steroid pharmacies reviews site. Over 90% of the reviews were positive. I have captured some of them below:

Xroids.com Testimonials

The first reviewer has rated Xroids.com 5 stars in all aspects. He says that everything has gone smoothly so far. The drugstore has great products and great communication. The second reviewer is also happy with Xroids.com. He has already placed 5 orders. The pharmacy is willing to explain how the products work and also offer alternatives if the customer does not like the initial product. The reviewer says he will continue ordering his products from Xroids.com as long as it exists. The only issue he has had with the pharmacy is the shipping time which sometimes tends to be too long. He, however, indicates that this is an understandable issue.

Xroids.com Reviews 2018

Online pharmacies do change over time. I decided to see how Xroids.com is performing in 2018. Below are the 2018 reviews:

Xroids.com 2018 Testimonials

The above reviewer is happy with the delivery. His order arrived as promised in about 3 weeks. The order was correct and he will be ordering again.

Xroids.com User Feedback

The above user says that his package arrived in about a month just like he was expecting. He is very satisfied with the order. The customer service was amazing.

The reviews written by all people who have used the steroid seller before indicate that the drugstore can be trusted. One thing you have to be prepared to deal with is the long delivery periods.

Xroids.com Coupon Codes

Although the official Xroids.com website did not have any coupon codes, I managed to locate a third-party site that had its coupon codes. The site had a large number of coupons. However, all of them were expiring pretty soon. The only thing I had to hope for is that new coupons would be made available. Below are some of the coupons:

Xroids.com Coupons

The first coupon code will allow the buyer to get a 10% discount when buying from Xroids.com for the first time. If you spend more than 100 dollars and then apply the second coupon code, you would get a 20% discount. The last coupon code will save you 5%.


Based on the reviews, Xroids.com appears to be a steroid seller that can be trusted. The pharmacy seems to have affordable prices, especially for their erectile dysfunction medications. The fact that the drugstore does not require the buyer to have a prescription script makes things much easier for bodybuilders and other people sourcing their drugs from the store. One of the issues you may experience while using the site is long delivery periods.

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