Review – New Look, Same Old Contents Review – New Look, Same Old Contents may have changed its appearance – well, I almost did not recognize this online pharmacy since it had a facelift – but the store seemed to be the same Trusted Tablets online pharmacy I have encountered years before. I know that I have visited Trusted Tablets before, only that the store’s now more modern-looking compared to its former state.

Trusted Tablets Org, however, still is the same old online pharmacy I’ve used before. Just like the former Trusted Tablets Org shop, this better-looking web drugstore still had the same product line-up, although it the store had a rather different layout. Instead of the usual show-it-all website, the store hid its categories so buyers should click on the “categories” to reveal the kinds of medicines found on the Trusted Tablets Org platform.

Products sold by the Trusted Tablets Org store included primarily medicines for men’s health and treatments for impotence and premature ejaculation, but the store also sold other medicines like treatments for HIV, cancer, hair loss, pain relief, and a wide range of other clinical conditions. According to Trusted Tablets Org, all of its products are approved by the FDA (Indian FDA) and are safe to use.

Most popular medicines on Trusted Tablets Org include products for erectile dysfunction, like the following:

  • Viagra Professional: $1.94 per pill
  • Generic Propecia: $0.60 per pill
  • Cialis Professional: $2.50 per pill
  • Generic Lasix: $0.40 per pill
  • Viagra Super Force: $2.22 per pill

Medicines sold by Trusted Tablets Org require prescriptions, unlike most online pharmacies that allow their patrons to purchase medicines even without showing their prescriptions for their medicines. According to the Trusted Tablets Org store, buyers can fax or email their prescriptions so their orders will be approved since if they fail to submit their prescriptions on time, their orders will be eventually canceled.

Regarding the payments, Trusted Tablets Org is accepting payments from credit and debit cards, plus Bitcoin.

Shipping charged by the store is $10 for the regular shipping option, but the buyers have a choice whether to upgrade their shipping option or not. They’d just have to pay extra for the faster shipping if they want to.

Regarding Trusted Tablets Org refunds, the store promised to process refunds or reshipments in case the buyers did not receive their orders from the website. Reviews

To check if the store Trusted Tablets Org was really a good online pharmacy, I had to check existing web records pertaining to its service. Honestly, there weren’t many reviews around for Trusted Tablets Org on the web, but the store had on-site reviews available:

Trusted Tablets Org Reviews
Trusted Tablets Org Reviews

As you can see, most, if not all, of the buyer testimonials for this online pharmacy are positive, as expected from on-site reviews. Customers mentioned that they were able to receive their orders from the web pharmacy. Some of the buyers have also commended Trusted Tablets Org for its high-quality products and according to these users, the medicines on the website were able to help them recover from their illnesses.

Despite the good nature of these reviews though, I am still not sure if I can trust them a hundred percent since they only came from the Trusted Tablets Org shop.

Trusted Tablets Org Votes
Trusted Tablets Org Votes

Apart from the on-site testimonials, the store Trusted Tablets Org also had ratings from external sites and as you can see in the image above, the shop got an average score of 73.33 out of 100% based on the average of 6 votes for the shop. Reviews 2018

Although Trusted Tablets Org did not have reviews from the previous years, the store had one buyer testimonial for the present year. Here’s Trusted Tablets Org review from Trust Pilot:

Trusted Tablets Org Reviews on Trust Pilot
Trusted Tablets Org Reviews on Trust Pilot

According to the user named Steven, who wrote his review in June 2018, Trusted Tablets Org was an excellent store because its products were effective and affordable. He mentioned using the code 10OFF for an extra 10% off his order. He gave Trusted Tablets Org a good score of 5 out of 5 points.

Since there was only one third-party review for the Trusted Tablets Org website, I resolved to check the Trusted Tablets Org using a domain assessing platform like Scamner. Overall, Trusted Tablets Org only had a 0% trust score and according to Scamner, Trusted Tablets Org was previously identified as an online scam. Coupon Codes

There were no coupon codes on the Trusted Tablets Org website, but several platforms have published a handful of codes from the store. One of the codes was 10OFF, according to one buyer who wrote his review for Trusted Tablets Org on Trust Pilot.

Trusted Tablets Org Coupon Code
Trusted Tablets Org Coupon Code

Another code is RX5TT, which entitles the users to an additional 5% off their purchases on Trusted Tablets Org. Besides this, Trusted Tablets Org has also offered free shipping, bulk order discounts, and freebie pills.


Trusted Tablets Org is an online pharmacy that’s operating for several years on the web. This online drugstore has a new appearance more modern than its former look but still has the same contents. Trusted Tablets Org had a good review from Trust Pilot but surprisingly, the store was also noted as a scam site by a domain assessing platform. Because of these conflicting reviews, it’s hard to figure out if Trusted Tablets Org is a trustworthy shop unless I try using it myself.

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