Review – After Forceful Shutdown This Online Pharmacy Moved to a New Domain Review - After Forceful Shutdown This Online Pharmacy Moved to a New Domain was an internet pharmacy that used to specialize in the sale of generic medications that had been approved by the Indian FDA. Unfortunately, the store’s domain was seized by the government without any valid explanation. The main reason why small pharmaceutical companies that sell generic companies are seized without committing any offense is as a result of interference by the major brand manufacturers who are striving hard to protect their market. They are aware that generic medications work in the same way but cost much cheaper making customers prefer to use them.

I used the web archives to try and gather some information regarding the operations of and noted that the earliest capture was in 2007 which could be the year it started providing pharmaceutical services. Looking at the website, I noted that the right security measures were in place to ensure that customers’ details were inaccessible to third parties. did not cease to provide its services to its customers; it was moved to a new domain by the name

The medications stocked were classified into various categories according to the health issue they would be used to treat. Some of the classifications include Alcoholism, Anti-Inflammatory, Arthritis, Birth Control, Analgesics, Cardiovascular Disease, Neurological disorders, Respiratory Tract, Stop Smoking Erectile Dysfunction, Eye Care, Antiparasitic, Obesity, Women’s Health, Hypertension, Muscle Relaxants, Urinary Tract, Migraine, Surgery, and Mental Disorders, among others. A prescription would be required to purchase some of the medications in these categories that was supposed to be faxed before the processing of the order.

The bestsellers had also been listed on the web page so that customers would find them with ease and among them were Generic Viagra which was sold at $1.44 per pill, Generic Cialis which was sold at $2.50 per pill, Generic Levitra, Generic Priligy, Generic Amoxil, Generic Cialis Soft, Generic Cipro, Generic Clomid, Generic Diflucan, Kamagra, Generic Lasix, Generic Nolvadex, Generic Propecia, Generic Synthroid, Generic Viagra soft, Generic Zithromax, Generic Levitra soft, Generic Levitra Oral Jelly, Generic Levitra Super Force, and Generic Levitra Professional.

When paying for their medications, customers only had the option of using a credit card. The amount equivalent to the value of the drugs would be deducted as soon as the order was submitted and verified.

Customers from all over the world could order medications from except those living in some selected Asian countries. The orders being shipped would be packaged from India as it is where most of the manufacturers were located. This could be done via the Express International Mail which would be delviered within a maximum of 9 days to have the medications delivered or the Standard International Airmail that would be delivered within a period of 21 days for the package to be delivered. The charges for the express international mail were $30 whereas the shipping via the standard airmail service would cost $10 but would be free if the order was above $150.

If the products being shipped were lost or ruined in the process of the shipping, would reship the order without any extra charges or issue a refund of the money paid on the purchase. The returning of products once the delivery had been made was not accepted as claimed that international laws did not allow such practices.

When contacting, customers had the option of making a call using the numbers +1 800 532 4808 or +1 718 475 9088 for the US residents or +44 203 011 0241 for the UK residents. A contact form was also available which customers would use to send a message to the support team and a response would be sent via the provided email. A live chat option was also in place where customers would get immediate answers. Reviews

I found some review regarding the services that truetablets pharmacy used to offer on their website and they were positive. The customers were happy that their orders were delivered on time and they were very effective.

Glenn says that he received 30 tablets from and they were very effective. He placed another order that contained 60 pills because according to him, the generic pills from were the best.

David said that the services offered by were superb and he would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of medications.

Carlos was also a happy customer as he was able to place his order very fast and got time for other commitments. He added that he recommended to his friends as a way of appreciation.

Unlike the reviews that one would find on independent review sites where there is an assurance that they are submitted by customers who have purchased medications from, reviews owned by the pharmacy cannot be trusted. There is a possibility that they were made up to make anyone who visits the page view them as legitimate.

Truetablets Reviews Reviews 2018

Since the website is no longer active, it is impossible to get current reviews. The website bears a notification that the website has been seized by the government. Coupon Codes has a number of discounts that customers who used to get medications from them would enjoy.

A 5% discount was offered to the customers who placed a second order.

For the 3rd order and all subsequent orders, a 7% discount would be offered.

Any order that contained over 20 erectile dysfunction medications would get a bonus of 4 Viagra pills.

Orders that contained more than 60 erectile dysfunction pills would get a bonus of 10 free pills.

Customers who ordered over 100 ED medications would get 20 bonus pills.

The shipping of orders that were above $150 would be free.

Truetablets Discounts

Conclusion was an online drugstore whose domain was seized by the government for no specific reason. It could be that the reason for this was the competition from big brand manufacturers who feel that their existence was threatened by the sale of generic medications by The prices of the drugs were affordable and customers would also get a lot of bonuses from their purchases. Customers can either choose to buy from their new website or use our list of Top Web Drugstores to get assistance in choosing a legitimate online pharmacy.

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