Terms of Service

Please take your time to read through the Terms relating to the use of this website (“Service”). Your continued use of the website indicates that you have agreed to be bound by the Terms below.

Changing of the Terms and Your Agreement

We reserve the right to change or modify the whole or part of the terms at any time we deem fit. This can happen even without notifying you beforehand or even after the terms of service have already been uploaded to the site. We encourage that you check this page on a regular basis, preferably, every time you happen to visit this website. This will help you determine whether anything has changed and whether you agree with any of the changes.

By continuing to use the service after we have already posted the changes, you will agree to the new terms automatically even if you have you are yet to view the changes. If you read through these terms and anything is unclear to you, we are willing to help you decipher the meaning of any term. All you need to do is contact us with your question and we will reply as soon as possible. If at any time you feel like you do not trust or agree with the terms and conditions governing the use of this website, you will have to stop using the service.

The Scope of the Terms

These terms will apply to your use of this service. This includes all the pages and the service offered. Unless stated otherwise, the terms will cover every service we offer. These terms will not apply to any sites the service is not affiliated with even if the service has linked to them. The moment you click a link and land on a third-party website, these terms cease existing. The terms and conditions available on the third-party site that you land on will take over. You may have to read the third-party site terms before proceeding to use its services.

Usage Restrictions

The content available on this site is protected by both the trademark and copyright laws. Unless stated otherwise, you can access the materials available on the site only for your personal use. This means that you cannot download the content and replicate it for commercial use. Copying, modifying, displaying, publishing, or exploiting the content available on this service is prohibited. You are only allowed to commercially exploit any content after getting a written consent from the Service administration and also from all the entities who have an interest in the intellectual property that you would like to exploit.

Providing Content

The service users are allowed to provide content in the form of links, posting, or commenting. Before providing any content, we recommend that you make sure the content is not infringing anyone’s copyright. You will be responsible for the content you make available through our service. You will be responsible for the content accuracy, legality, and usefulness. When you share your content via the Service, you grant as the right to copy the content and display it publicly anywhere on the service. However, you will still have the right to your content. This means that you can remove it from the service by deleting it. After deleting the data, it may remain in our backup servers for a short amount of time before we delete it completely.

User Responsibility

This service has not reviewed and will not review all the content posted here. This means that some of the content may not be very accurate. It may contain inappropriate data. Therefore, by consuming any information available on this service, you will be personally responsible for any risks or effects the content may have. While we always strive for accuracy of the content that we post ourselves, we cannot be responsible for all the content shared through our service by other users.

User Conduct

Our goal is to make sure that everyone who is using this service enjoys its benefits fully. Therefore, we encourage all our visitors to avoid doing any of the following while using the website:

  • Abusing, harassing, or abusing another user.
  • Making available, posting, or using our service to transmit any content that is abusive, threatening, defamatory, harmful, false, disparaging, libelous, tortious, obscene, pornographic, vulgar or content that contributes in the promotion of terrorism, racial hatred, illegal acts, violence. Any objectionable content is prohibited.
  • Posting content or linking to content which is unlawful or violates, misappropriates, or infringes any trademark, patent, trade secret, trade identity right, privacy right, or any other third-party rights to the intellectual property.
  • Uploading or transmitting viruses, destructive or disruptive files, trojan horses, or any other material that can harm the service itself or the people who are using it.
  • Impersonating an entity or an individual.
  • Making available spam via this service. Any personal advertising, spam, junk mail, pyramid schemes, chain letters, or product and services sales are not encouraged.


As we had mentioned earlier on, these terms only apply to this service. They are not applicable to any third-party websites including those which the service links to. This service is not responsible for the availability of any third-party site it might be linking to. We do not take responsibilities for any contents, products, or even services which are made available via any other third-party website.

Under no circumstance can this service be held liable or responsible indirectly or directly for any damage or loss caused or that which is alleged to have been caused to any third-party or to you in connection to your relying on the services or content available on a third-party website. All your concerns should be directed to the webmaster or the website administrator. This service does not endorse, guarantee, or warrant any services or products offered on a third-party website. This service is not a party to and does not monitor any transactions which occur between you and any third-party service and product providers.

Minimum Age Requirement

This service has never and will never be directed to users who are less than 13 years. We cannot keep 13-year-olds from accessing this service. We, therefore, encourage parents and guardians to participate in their kid’s exploration of the internet and other online services. We encourage them to use parental controls to make sure that their kids cannot access websites they should not be accessing.

This service requires its users to be over 13. You agree to abide by these age restrictions and not try to help anyone avoid the restrictions. If you are not yet above the age of 13 years, you agree to stop accessing this service immediately. If you are accessing this service, you represent that you are above 13 years old.

Account Creation

If you create an account on this service, you will be responsible for keeping the account secure. You will also be willing to be responsible for all the risks which crop up after creating an account online. Such risks include the unauthorized access of your information. If you notice any peculiar activities on your account, you are responsible for alerting us about this issue. Also, you will responsible for notifying us of any security breaches irrespective of whether they affect your account in any way.

Liability Limitation

Under no circumstances will this service be held liable for any damages that result from the use of the service or the content presented on the service. Even if we had been advised about the about the possibility of such damages, the applicable law may not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability which means that this limitation may not be applicable to you. In no circumstance shall our liability to you exceed the amount you paid directly to us.

No Personal Advice

The information offered by the service cannot substitute or replace the advice you would get from trained professionals including, but not limited to, medical, psychological, financial, legal matters, or business matters. To be specific, you need to consult a doctor on all matters related to your health. consult a lawyer on all legal-related matters.


We may terminate your access to the Service, with or without cause, with or without notice. This can result in the destruction of all or any information associated with you. One of the reasons we may terminate your access to the service would be if we determine that you are a repeat infringer. We do respect intellectual property rights. In accordance with the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), we will take all necessary measures to ensure that intellectual rights are respected. If you would like to terminate the agreement to these terms, you can do that by stopping the use of the service.

Final Agreement

These are the current Terms of Service. They constitute the agreement that you currently have with this service. You will have to disregard any other agreement you may have had with the service before.

Contacting Us

If you have any feedback, question or comment, you can contact us at any time.

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