Rx-euro.com Review – A UK Based Online Pharmacy for Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Rx-euro.com Review - A UK Based Online Pharmacy for Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Rx-euro.com is an online pharmacy based in the UK. When this pharmacy started operating has not been revealed. So, I can’t say for sure how long they’ve been around, but it seems to me that they’ve been in operation for a while. This online pharmacy is dedicated to the sale of erectile dysfunction drugs. I have seen so many erectile dysfunction drugs displayed on this website. The ones that I saw which are worthy of note include the Kamagra and the generics of Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. The price of Kamagra on this website is $2.78 per pill, generic Viagra is $1.49 per pill, generic Levitra is $2.14 pill, generic Cialis is $1.94 pill. Bear in mind that this pricing is based on the exchange rate of GBP to USD at the time of writing this article. Also, bear in mind that price per pill of any ED drug sold by this vendor is influenced by the number of pills you buy and the dosage. From everything I see, it appears this vendor’s drugs are FDA approved.

Furthermore, I have discovered that orders are delivered with standard airmail service which takes 7 to 8 days to deliver orders and costs $6.83; and trackable service which takes 5 to 6 days and costs $11.58. the payment methods accepted are; Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, and Bitcoin.

To have a word with this vendor’s support team, you can make use of their live chat which I tried and discovered that it works pretty well. Here is a screenshot of my chat with one of this pharmacy’s support staff.

Rx-euro.com Live Chat

In this chat, I was able to figure out that this pharmacy does not ship worldwide. Mary was the support staff I had a chat with. She responded timely and was great. You can also communicate with their support team through phone and email. Their phone number is +44 204 011 01 38 and their email address is [email protected].

Regarding the refund policy of this pharmacy, if a drug does not reach customer expectation it could be returned and a refund would be done. Note that it is until the product is received that a refund procedure would begin. Also, if you do not receive your orders within the specified delivery period you can actually request for a refund. And the cost of your order would be refunded to your credit card. Note that it takes 5 to 7 days. To request a refund contact their customer support.

Rx-euro.com Reviews

I checked for feedbacks about this pharmacy and I was able to see a lot on their website. Before I share these feedbacks with you, it is important that you do not trust them fully as they are part of the content on this vendor’s website. Here are a few of the screenshots.

Rx-euro.com Testimonials

Mark tells us about his experience buying an ED drug from this pharmacy. He commends the quality of the drugs, telling us how overly efficacious it was. He says ” delivers significant results”. This testimonial signifies that the drugs sold by this vendor are  effective and safe. This is a great thing. Let’s take another testimonial.

Rx-euro.com Testimonials

Mike also has positive things to say about this pharmacy. He commends the speed of their service and their terms of shipping. He says “amazing”. This is also good as customers would be able to place orders easily and swiftly with a timely delivery.

These reviews say a lot regarding the great quality of their service. The only problem is that they are not from an external source. So, one cannot fully depend on them to make an accurate conclusion about this pharmacy.

Rx-euro.com Reviews 2018

I tried searching for recent reviews that were given in 2018 so that I can see if they have been satisfying patients or not. However, any recent feedback from customers. The testimonials on their website do not have a date and I saw no customer review on an external website. In this situation, I cannot say much about their performance recently. This is not good as one can’t determine if it is safe to buy drugs from them at the moment. Nevertheless, all the testimonials on their website are positive. But, this is not surprising though; I mean no online pharmacy would publish a negative testimonial. I have also noticed that the website is not encrypted, but the payment page where financial and personal details are supplied is secured with an encryption. Therefore, I can say for sure that customers are secure are secure purchasing on this pharmacy.

Rx-euro.com Coupon Codes

Discounts are usually offered by online pharmacies as a way to incentivize customers to buy more or secure their patronage. I have decided to check if this pharmacy has any offers that could help customers save on meds. Luckily, I saw a few on their website.

Free Pills Offer
Free Pills Offer

Customers who place orders worth $232 (based on the exchange rate of Dollar to Euro as at the time of writing this article) get 2 Kamagra oral jelly sachets free of charge.

Free pills and Free Shipping Offer
Free pills and Free Shipping Offer

When orders worth $400 are placed, customers are given 4 free sachets of Kamagra oral jelly and free trackable courier shipping.


Rx-euro.com appears to sell a great variety of effective ED pills. The website looks great and so does their pricing. They also have attractive offers that customers could take advantage of. Additionally, they have a live chat that works well. Nevertheless, I have a problem with the fact that this pharmacy lacks customer reviews from a trusted source. I was also unable to determine the recent reputation of this pharmacy as there were no reviews that I could say were given in 2018.

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