Pom-pharmacy.com Review – Online Generic Medicine Source Seized

Pom-pharmacy.com Review – Online Generic Medicine Source Seized

Pom Pharmacy was an online pharmacy that existed for three years from the year 2013 until 2016 when it was forcefully closed down by the international government agencies due to accusations of selling counterfeit products. No one really knows if these accusations were true as Pom Pharmacy managed to operate for three good years before its operations were terminated. Pom Pharmacy was just an online medicine source that sold cheap and affordable generics as alternatives to the costly ones which the local pharmacies had. Due to its low medicine prices, Pom Pharmacy had a lot of customers, people who were looking to save money on their medications. The average savings that the customers got in purchasing its meds were up to 90%, a large savings amount that helped them save big for their other needs while allowing them to purchase great quantities of their needed drugs.

Since Pom Pharmacy is already closed, the only way to access the remnants of its site was through the web archives. What the users will notice on its site was that all of its products were generic medicines. All the medicines under the categories on its site were all generic drugs, medicines that offer the customers the same great effects as the branded ones at affordable costs. Pom Pharmacy filled its assortment with generic drugs as these drugs worked the same way as the costly medicines worked. Generics drugs had similar active ingredients as the branded drugs, making them just as effective. Pom Pharmacy imported these drugs from certified drug manufacturers in countries such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, India, Turkey, Canada, and New Zealand. These countries have the same excellent medicine quality standards as in the US except that the drug manufacturing costs in them were low. To help customers from all over the world get quality medicines at affordable prices, Pom Pharmacy made these meds available on its site for people to purchase.

When it still operated as an online pharmacy, many people found it easy and convenient to purchase their meds at Pom Pharmacy as it didn’t require them to provide any prescriptions in buying prescription drugs. We all know that scripts were a strict requirement at local drugstores but to ease the burden of their clients, Pom Pharmacy simply decided to eliminate this constraint. Prescriptions were not that easy to obtain because it means that a patient must first have an appointment with their doctor. Doctor appointments were costly and time-consuming and if coupled with costly medicines, the burden would already be too much for the average customers to carry. But even if Pom Pharmacy didn’t require its customers to provide any scripts for their medicine purchases, it still recommended that the users should consult their doctors before taking their meds just to be safe.

Many speculate that the real reason behind the seizure of Pom Pharmacy’s website has something to do with the government-supported campaign that was launched by large pharmaceutical companies and corporate drugstores against online pharmacy sites. The cheap price offers of online pharmacies have caused many customers to stop buying their meds from local pharmacies and start purchasing them online. This eventually caused a decrease in the profits of these large companies, leading them to move against these sites and close them down by force. With the help of various international agencies, this task was easily a success for these corporations. Many online pharmacies were seized and closed down along with Pom Pharmacy, leaving many of its customers without a reliable online medication source.

Pom-pharmacy.com Reviews

Since Pom Pharmacy has already been closed for a long time, third-party user reviews for its site are no longer available on the web. But on its website, there was a testimonials section where the supposed “customer” reviews were. Compared to third-party user reviews, these reviews were unreliable since these might have just been fabricated by the site to make its appearance appealing to potential customers. On the other hand, third-party reviews reflect the true experience of the customers about an online pharmacy since these reviews are impartial and transparent. Since these kinds of reviews don’t exist for Pom Pharmacy, we’ll just take a look at its on-site reviews.

Pom-pharmacy.com User Reviews

A customer named David confirmed in his review that he has successfully received the products that he has ordered from Pom Pharmacy. Using the pills that he bought, he proved that they were effective as he felt young again and his wife was also surprised by the results that he got. He was thankful for this experience and was looking forward to ordering at Pom Pharmacy again.

The review from a client of Pom Pharmacy named Mark was the same as David’s. The pills that he ordered also worked great and because of that, he was thankful as well as his wife.

Mike simply gave a review to Pom Pharmacy to let the site know that he has finally received his orders. He also comments that the delivery was quick and he was impressed.

As for a client named DN, he was glad for the follow-up made by the customer service department with the pills that he has ordered. He managed to try them out and was very happy with the effects.

Pom-pharmacy.com Reviews 2018

As for new reviews for Pom Pharmacy, it will no longer be possible to have them since the site’s already closed. The only way to see the remnants of the site is to check the web archives. There are site reviews that exist on the web for Pom Pharmacy but as for its website, it has already been seized by international government agencies.

 Pom-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

Pom Pharmacy Free Pills and Free Shipping
Pom Pharmacy Free Pills and Free Shipping

As a bonus, Pom Pharmacy also gave out free Viagra pills to its customers regardless of the size of their orders. It also offered free shipping to its clients that would be able to purchase meds with a total amount of $150 USD.


Pom Pharmacy was an online generic medicine source that was among many online pharmacies that were forcefully closed down and seized by international government agencies. It was due to the successful campaign that was launched by large pharmaceuticals and corporate drugstore chains against online pharmacies. But back when it still existed, Pom Pharmacy was a place where customers bought quality drugs at low prices. For other online pharmacy options, customers can instead check our top list of recommended providers.

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