Pills-for-healp.com Review – Live-by-Day Drugstore That is Now Offline

Pills-for-healp.com Review - Live-by-Day Drugstore That is Now Offline

Pills-for-healp.com is a drugstore that was closed down and there is no way that their website can be accessed by the customers. I tried searching for reviews from some of the popular review sites and none were available. Searching from the web archives was the only option and I discovered that the earliest capture was in April 2015 which could have been the year it was established. The operations went on for a few months and in September 2015, the operations seized. It claims to have worked with reputable manufacturers and sold medications at low prices that enabled the customers to save up to 90% the amount they would have spent in local pharmacies. All the drugs sold had been approved by the FDA and the WHO.

The medications were grouped into different groups according to the purpose for which they were prescribed. Some of them included Anti Alcohol, Bestsellers, Motion Sickness, Hair Loss, Cardiovascular Diseases, Blood Pressure, Women’s Health, Erectile Dysfunction, Penis Enlargement, Muscle Relaxant, Gastrointestinal Tract, Birth Control, Obesity, Cancer, Skin Care, Stop Smoking, Pain Relief, General Health, Men’s ED Packs, and Sleeping Aids, among others. No prescription was required to purchase any of the medications in these categories.

The bestsellers could also be seen once a customer logged in and they included Strattera, Betnovate, Medrol, Viagra, Brand Viagra ($2.45 per pill), Kamagra, Clomid, Cialis Professional, Cialis Super Active, Amoxil, Viagra Professional, Clomid, Propecia, Cytotec, ED Trial Pack, Female Viagra, Lasix, Nolvadex, Flagyl, Priligy, Nolvadex, Accutane, Prednisone, Diflucan, Super ED Trial Pack, Diflucan, and Zoloft, among others.

The payment methods that customers would use to pay for the medications were Visa, MasterCard, and eCheck.

Shipping of orders was done to almost all countries worldwide by the International Unregistered Mail where the delivery duration was 21 days or less depending on the location and other conditions as well or the Trackable courier Service where the medications were delivered within a period of 9 days. The waiting period could be longer depending on external factors such as customs regulations. The charges for the shipping have not been indicated which leaves us guessing how much one would pay for the shipping.

If there would arise a situation where the medications were misplaced and could not be traced or disfigured when being handled by the shipping company, pills-for-healp.com had offered to reship the order without asking the customer to make an extra payment or give a refund for what the customer had paid to facilitate the purchase. If the package was lost as a result of giving the wrong address, no refund would be issued and customers would place a fresh order if they still wished to get their medications.

To contact pills-for-healp.com, customers would only have the option of sending an email and wait for 12 hours to get a response which was such a long wait for a response especially if one wanted directions when placing an order. There was no phone number or a live chat that customers could use to get an urgent answer in case anything came up.

Pills-for-healp.com Reviews

I found some reviews from the website via the wayback machine that were positive. The customers appreciated the low prices for their medications and the fact that the delivery of their orders was very fast. They also appreciated that the medications purchased were very effective.

Barack who was a resident of Glasgow purchased Levitra from pills-for-healp.com and was glad it was very effective. The shipping took a long time but once he got used to it, he was happy that he found a reliable place to get the ED medications.

Carl from Oklahoma says that the delivery of medications from pill-for-healp.com is very fast, the prices are lower and the service was commendable. This is unlike other online pharmacies where he would pay a high price for his medications and wait longer before the medications were delivered.

Christine from Orleans had been buying medications at a high price in local pharmacies until he found pills-for-healp.com where he was able to save up to 500 Euro on his medications every month.

Pills-for-healp Reviews
Pills-for-healp Reviews

Robin from London purchased Viagra from pills-for-health.com and was glad that it was very effective. He recommended that everyone who had a similar problem should purchase the pills and he will feel as though he was in his teenage years.

Pills-for-healp.com Reviews

Reviews that can only be found on a website that is under the management of those who control pills-for-healp.com cannot be relied upon to determine the shop’s credibility. This is because the possibility of reviews being compromised is high.

Pills-for-healp.com Reviews 2018

Since pills-for-healp.com is no longer online, it is impossible to get recent reviews from any platform. What remains are posts that had been submitted to act as a form of reference when customers were buying their drugs which would not be relevant when checking the reputation of pills-for-healp.com.

Due to the lack of reviews, I decided to check its rating on scam advisor which was very low. This means that there was no guarantee that the customers who used to buy from them would get the right medications that would be delivered within the required time frame.

Pills-for-healp.com Coupon Codes

Pills-for-healp.com did not have any offers that customers buying from them would benefit from when making their purchases. This is unlike other online pharmacies that provide multiple offers which keep their customers coming back for more.

The prices of the medications are, however, very low and one of the customers said that he was able to save over 500 Euro monthly on his medications whenever he purchased at pills-for-healp.com.


Pills-for-healp.com was a drugstore that ceased to provide pharmaceutical services in 2017. The prices of the medications were lower compared to other online pharmacies which made their customers to save more on their medications. The lack of independent reviews from the customers who used to buy from them makes it impossible to know if this was a legitimate online pharmacy or a scam website. Customers who used to rely on them for the supply of their medications have to look for another source of medications from some of the reputable online pharmacies. You can check out our list of Top Web Drugstores if you need help in choosing the right online pharmacy to buy medications.

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