Pilko.org Review – Another Online Pharmacy Gone

Pilko.org Review – Another Online Pharmacy Gone

Pilko.org is now an offline web drugstore and sadly, unlike most online pharmacies that leave nearly zero online footprints, the shop Pilko did not have much information left behind. Although the store had records on the web archive site, information about Pilko Org was rather limited.

I have searched online for probable reasons why Pilko Org has shut down, but there were simply no available details for the shop about its disappearance. However, despite this being the case, I think the store Pilko Org went out for good because of its limited customer base – given the store’s lack of reviews, we can easily assume that since the shop did not have customer comments available on the web, it was also unpopular with the buyers. Unpopular stores usually close down early, so it was perhaps the reason why Pilko Org was gone too soon.

As for the store, Pilko Org, it offered products which were typical of web online drugstores. According to the information on the former Pilko Org shop, the store had medicines for various medical conditions, like for instance, erectile dysfunction, pain relief, cholesterol management, hypertension, and other medical conditions. Since most of the products found on Pilko Org were generic, prices for the meds on the store were cheap – not the cheapest on the web, but still more inexpensive than local drugstore prices for the same products.

Prescriptions were not required on Pilko Org, but the store encouraged buyers to consult their doctors before using any of the products found on Pilko Org. Prescription-less purchases of medicines online is somewhat a tradition, but buyers should know that they should only purchase medicines they are prescribed by their doctors.

Since there was very limited information on Pilko Org on the web, I was unable to determine the store’s shipping rates and other information (like for instance, its payment options).

Pilko.org Reviews

On-site reviews were only the ones available on the Pilko Org platform, so these were the only ones I was able to evaluate. Frankly, I do not trust on-site reviews due to their probable bias towards the websites they are found in.

Pilko Org Reviews from Consumers
Pilko Org Reviews from Consumers

As you can see in the reviews above, all of the comments about Pilko Org were positive – buyers were glad that they were able to use the shop because it did not disappoint. However, like I’ve said, on-site reviews are more biased than reviews found on third-party sources, so we should take Pilko Org with salt.

Pilko.org Reviews 2018

No reviews for Pilko Org exist for 2018 since the shop has closed down before the year 2018 has started. Because of this, it’s difficult to figure out whether the store was really a good store or not; however, since did not have any complaints on the web, we can somehow assume that the site was benign, at least when we look at it from the no complaints angle.

Pilko.org Coupon Codes

There were several deals offered on Pilko Org, but none of them were for coupon codes for the buyers. Some of the offers on Pilko Org included the following:

  • Freebie pills – buyers were handed freebies when they order meds from Pilko Org
  • Free shipping – buyers who were able to reach a certain order amount were given lower per pill prices for their medications
  • Bulk discounts – consumers with larger purchases were granted even lower prices for their medicines.


Pilko Org is now a non-existent website and unfortunately, there wasn’t enough information available on the web for us to be able to know why the shop has closed down. Pilko Org has operated for several years, but the store did not have any buyer reviews available. While this may look bad, Pilko Org’s lack of scam reports is still something great.

Since Pilko Org is now closed, it’s time for buyers to look for new sources for their medications. Stores on our list of TOP Web Pharmacies are good to use since they are some of the most reliable and affordable online drugstores on the web.

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