Review – A Pharmacy with Negative Reviews Review - A Pharmacy with Negative Reviews is an online pharmacy that was established in 2007 that stocks a wide selection of medications. I tried checking the physical location of but I was not able to get it. I also tried checking for proof of verification from any of the regulatory bodies but there was none. There is no proof that the medications have been approved by the FDA.

The medications that are stocked at have been classified into various categories according to the health complication they will be used to treat. Some of the major classifications include Acne, Allergies, Erectile dysfunction, Hair Loss, Estrogen, Cancer, Bodybuilding, Blood and Heart, Anti-inflammatory, antifungal, Arthritis, Beta Blockers, and Epilepsy, among others.

Among the best selling drugs at is the generic Viagra that is sold at $0.77 and generic Cialis that will be sold at $0.98 per pill. The other best sellers at are Kamagra, Carisoma, Librium, T3 Cytomel, Thyroid, Zithromax, Modalert, Lomotil, Andriol Testocaps, and generic Alesse. You will not be required to provide a prescription for the purchase of any medications stocked at The only requirement is opening an account through which all your transactions will be recorded.

To pay for the medications purchased at, you can use a Credit Card or Bitcoins. After the payment has been successfully processed, it will be impossible to cancel the order.

Shipping of medications from can be done via standard mail or through the express mail. For the express mail, you will be able to track your order and also get the medications delivered faster. Shipping will be charged $9 for all orders and will take a maximum of 21 days for the standard shipping. This duration may be prolonged due to circumstances that are beyond the control of like customs check or adverse weather. ships medications from various locations and will deliver to most of the countries worldwide.

The return of medications to is not allowed. claims that it is the responsibility of the customers to ensure that the right medications are ordered and if a mistake is done, the customers will bear the loss.

To contact, you can use the contact form that has been provided on the website. The message will be responded to through the email address that you will submit when noting down your question or comment. I tried looking for a phone number that can be used to contact but could not find it which is a great disadvantage. I also went further to check if there was a live chat option and this was also not available. This is very unfortunate as the email may take longer and the help needed is urgent. Reviews

The available reviews regarding the services offered by are negative.

Keine Lieferung says that he ordered his medications from in December and five months later, he was yet to receive his medications. He tried raising the issue with them but there has been no response which made him lose over $100. He would not recommend to anyone who is looking for an online source of medications.

Jan Weilegaard is also an unhappy customer after placing his order in October and five months later, he was yet to receive his medications. He has tried asking for a refund from but there has been no response yet. His advice to anyone buying medications online is to avoid buying from

There are also other reviews that can be found on’s website which were positive. There is no way we can verify if the reviews are from genuine customers as the reviews from the independent site are negative.

Pharmaoffshore Reviews

Thomas from Denmark says that the services offered by are good and the products that were shipped from the UK were good as well.

Paul seems to be a regular customer and he says that the services are fantastic as usual.

Dorte from Denmark says that he is happy and satisfied after receiving his order.

Pharmaoffshore Reviews Reviews 2018

The recent review regarding is also negative.

Martin Overballe says that he paid for his medications two months ago and they are yet to be delivered. He has tried sending emails to but no response is forthcoming yet.

Pharmaoffshore Reviews Coupon Codes

There are several active coupon codes that will enable customers to save more on their medications.

There is a 10% discount for any purchase that will be made at the discount will be applied when checking out where the code issued will be copied.

There is also a $50 discount and a free delivery that will be applied on selected purchases at

Another voucher that allows customers to get a 5% discount and a free delivery is also on offer
Another voucher that allows customers to get a 5% discount and a free delivery is also on offer.

There are also other deals that will allow customers to get a 15% discount or a 30% discount on their purchases at No code will be required for these offers and all a customer has to do is to shop and the discounts will be applied.

For every payment that a customer makes using bitcoins, he will get a 20% discount on his purchases.

Pharmaoffshore Coupon Codes

Conclusion is an online pharmacy that has negative customer reviews found on independent review sites and positive reviews from their website. Most of the customers have complained of paying for their medications and no delivery was made after the money was deducted from their accounts. It is also evident that the communication between and their clients is not good. This is because never responds to the emails sent by the customers which are the only means of communication that have been provided. should work on their communication strategies and provide an alternative means through which all issues raised by customers in the process of placing their orders have been addressed as soon as possible.

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