Review – Closed Due to Undisclosed Reasons Review – Closed Due to Undisclosed Reasons

Pharma Trust was an online pharmacy site where customers used to purchase medicines at affordable prices. Its site is no longer available and customers won’t be able to shop from it anymore. Its operations started back in 2010 and it simply disappeared on the web somewhere in the year 2018. All in all, Pharma Trust had eight (8) good years of providing low-priced drugs to its clients all around the world. But no one knows why it has decided to close down, an event which was a disappointment to many of its clients, especially to those who have depended on it as their online medicine provider.

One of the reasons could be that Pharma Trust may have had internal problems which caused its administrators to decide to close the site down for good. Another reason could be that it moved to a different domain but it didn’t leave any notice or announcement on its website that could have informed its customers prior to its disappearance. But there were rumors which say that Pharma Trust was among the many online pharmacies that were forcefully closed down because of the US government-backed campaign of large drugstore chains and pharmaceutical companies. Pharma Trust, along with other online pharmacies, provided medicines at very low costs—at prices which were up to 90% cheaper than the local medicine prices. To stop losing profit and to prevent customers from purchasing their medications from other sources, large drugstore chains moved to close these internet-based pharmacies down and Pharma Trust was likely one of them.

But back when Pharma Trust was still existing, it sold high-quality alternatives to the costly branded medications at local drugstores. Many customers were able to save money and buy more of their needed drugs from its site, something that most people were unable to experience when they bought their meds locally. The leading medicine category on its page were pills for erectile dysfunction (ED). People know these pills by the famous brand names such as Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra, and the generic copies of these meds were the bestsellers of Pharma Trust. For as low as $0.58 USD per pill, customers were already able to purchase generic Viagra. At local pharmacies, Viagra and other ED brands have prices that range from $70 to $90 USD per tablet. Because of this huge price difference, it’s not that hard to understand why a lot of people stopped buying their medications from local stores and have started flocking to online pharmacies such as Pharma Trust.

Aside from ED pills, Pharma Trust also sold other medications on its website such as weight loss medications, antibiotics, pain relief drugs, and many others. But the selection of its products was not as huge as what the local pharmacies have. Nevertheless, its customers were able to get the medicines that they need from its assortment of drugs as the meds which were sold on its site were the most demanding and frequently purchased medications. Also, scripts were not required by Pharma Trust from its customers which enabled many people to purchase their prescription medications from its site freely. Buyers from its site no longer needed to arrange time-consuming and costly appointments with their physicians just to obtain scripts which helped many people save more. Pharma Trust offered its selection of prescription meds openly to the customers that needed them with no other requirement than the payments.

Speaking of payments, customers of Pharma Trust were able to conveniently pay for their purchases as it accepted all major credit and debit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Diner’s Club, and others. Other than these payment methods, Pharma Trust honored no other payment means. Regarding the details about the shipping methods offered by its site when it was still in business, there is no longer any available information for us to find since its site is already closed and the archived pages of Pharma Trust only have limited content. Reviews

Surprisingly, there are no third-party user reviews for Pharma Trust which is somewhat alarming since user reviews are necessary for determining if an online pharmacy is safe to buy medicines from or not. Third-party reviews are the ones to be sought for and not on-site reviews because these customer reviews are transparent and unbiased. Readers will get to read both the good side and the bad side of an online pharmacy on these kinds of reviews. But since Pharma Trust has none, the only ones that we could use were on-site testimonials. People should bear in mind that on-site reviews are not that reliable since these may have been just fabricated to make a website look appealing to the customers.

Pharma Trust On-Site User Reviews
Pharma Trust On-Site User Reviews

The first review was from a customer of Pharma Trust named Steve. He was pleased that the Viagra that he bought from its site worked great for him. He also mentioned that Pharma Trust did a good job.

As for David, what made his experience at Pharma Trust pleasant was the prompt delivery of his ordered Cialis. His pills arrived earlier than expected, saving time.

For Karim, what he appreciated about Pharma Trust was its outstanding customer support. He might have had a question or two regarding the products of Pharma Trust or about some other concern but it was addressed properly by the customer support team to his satisfaction. Reviews 2018

Pharma Trust has closed down early 2018 but as for recent reviews, the site no longer has any. The only reviews that can be retrieved were the ones on its testimonials section and nothing else. Its site also didn’t have any third-party reviews which makes it difficult to assess its reputation on whether it was trustworthy or if it wasn’t. Coupon Codes

Pharma Trust Free Shipping
Pharma Trust Free Shipping

The guarantee that was given by Pharma Trust to its customers was that their orders will be shipped for free. It was not clear if this offer applies to all and if it has a purchase requirement or not but it was likely that this offer came with conditions. Customers might have been required to have orders of a certain amount before the shipping fees for their orders were waived.


Pharma Trust was an online pharmacy that existed from 2010 until early 2018, a store that had eight (8) years of selling cheap but good quality meds. Its site is already closed due to undisclosed reasons but speculations say that it was among the many online pharmacies that were forcefully closed down by corporate drugstore chains. Its site had no third-party reviews which makes it somewhat suspicious. For reliable pharmacy sites, customers should check our top recommended providers.

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