Avipharmacy.com Review – Seized, but Why?

pharmacy.com looks a lot like the former online pharmacies I’ve been to. It has the same template as the “Trusted Tablets” label and had most of its products similar to almost every online pharmacy I’ve encountered online. This shop, however, has now closed down since it was seized by...
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Meds-rx.com Review – Very Little Information Available

Although I have performed a thorough search on the web concerning Meds-rx.com, there is just too little information to be found about the site. It appears to have been an online pharmacy that existed for some time but there’s almost no trace left for it. What the web archives...
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Steroidsonlineshop.com Review – Steroids Online Without a Prescription

Steroidsonlineshop.com is an online pharmacy that has been offering pharmaceutical services since 2005. It is not clear where steroidsonlineshop.com is located but there is an indication that it could be located in the United States. There is no indication that this site has been verified by any regulatory bodies like...
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