Review – A Closed Fairly Affordable Pharmacy with a Wide Catalog Review – A Closed Fairly Affordable Pharmacy with a Wide Catalog was an online drugstore whose physical location was not indicated on the website. Also, I could not determine when this pharmacy started selling medications online. The pharmacy had a well-organized website which was easy to navigate. The medications sold by the pharmacy had already been approved by the FDA. If the med store did deliver the medications available on the drugstore catalog and not some fake pills, then they were safe for buyers to consume. Buyers were not required to have a prescription script when ordering. catalog was extensive. Some of the medication categories being offered by the pharmacy included allergy medications antifungal pills, antidepressants, antibacterial meds, antibiotics, asthma medications, birth control, blood pressure meds, cancer drugs, diabetes, diuretics, hair loss medications, and others. Sourcing meds at were affordable. A pill of generic Viagra was worth $0.92. Generic Cialis was being sold at a price of $1.31 per tablet. Generic Levitra was worth $1.88 per pill. I did not find any brand pills on the drugs. All medications being sold on Online Pills Market appeared to have had their origin in Indian pharmaceutical companies.

Online Pills Market was accepting payments via credit cards only. The credit cards which could have been used to pay for meds at included Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and ACH. Making payments at was safe. If the pharmacy failed to deliver medications ordered, a buyer could easily contact his or her credit card providers and get them to dispute the charges made by Online Pills Market for the undelivered medications.

Shipping was being done via Express Mail Delivery and Standard Registered Airmail Delivery. The EMS delivery method allowed buyers to track the progress of their medications while they were in the shipping process. This method of shipping took approximately 5 to 9 days before buyers received their medications. However, sometimes buyers had to wait for up to 14 days before their meds got delivered. The EMS delivery cost buyers 30 dollars. the airmail delivery took approximately 14 to 21 days before medications got delivered. However, indicated that its deadline was approximately 30 days. The method did not have tracking and it cost buyers $10.

Buyers were allowed to cancel orders within the first 24 hours since placing their orders. If a cancel order request was sent after 24 hours had already passed, this request was not being taken care of. The pharmacy was accepting medication returns. However, returned pills had to be sent back within a period of 30 days for the buyer to be eligible to receive a refund.

Reaching out to was easy. The pharmacy claimed to offer 24/7 customer support. They had an online chat feature. Unfortunately, since the drugstore website is currently offline, I did not get to try out. The phone numbers buyers could have used included +1 888 524 7141 (US toll-free) and +44 808 189 1420 (UK). Reviews

Everything about from the drugstore website to its prices looked fine until I realized that the pharmacy did not have proven testimonials. The pharmacy had nice testimonials on its website. However, these are not good to trust since they could have been created by the pharmacy management in order to convince customers that it is a genuine online pharmacy.

I have come across online pharmacies with nice testimonials which in the real sense were fake. Great and trustworthy reviews are usually available on third-party review-collecting websites. The drugstore being reviewed has no ability to manipulate these reviews. Below, I have captured the reviews I found on website captured in the web archives:

Onlinepillmarket Reviews

Charles from Paris reported that Online Pills Market service was good. He had already ordered for the third time. He had used stop smoking medications and he was almost stopping smoking. He was never worried even when his order was a little bit late. His orders always arrived.

Isabella from Rome reported that she had used Ayurslim and it had helped her reduce her extra weight. She had bought the medication online from She reports that she would be ordering the medication again. Reviews 2018

The reviews available on testimonials page did not have a date on them. For this reason, I could not determine when they were captured. The reviews captured below may or may not have been written in 2018:

Onlinepillmarket User Comment

Brandon reported that he had trouble solving his transaction declined issue while ordering at The live chat did not help solve the issue. However, after calling the customer support department, he talked to someone who helped him solve his issue.

Michael from London reported that the prices were amazingly low. He encouraged buyers who didn’t want to be ripped off to get their meds from Online Pill Market. He placed two orders on the drugstore and received both orders on time. Coupon Codes

Online Pill Market did not have coupon codes. However, the pharmacy had some offers on its website. These became apparent when the buyer added pills to the cart. I have captured them below:

Onlinepillmarket Offers

When a buyer purchased medications at and was pleased enough to order for the second time, he or she was being offered a 10% discount. The drugstore was offering free standard airmail shipping to all buyers who bought meds worth more than $200.


Online Pill Market was a drugstore that would have been perfect to order from if it had proven reviews which could show buyers whether the pharmacy was really genuine. The reviews on Online Pill Market own site could have been fake. The pharmacy had affordable prices and a huge catalog. Also, the pharmacy was accepting credit cards which kept buyers feeling safe since they could dispute charges.

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