Review – Online Drugstore with no Feedback from Customers Review - Online Drugstore with no Feedback from Customers is an online drugstore that was established in 2004 that claims to be the number 1 international pharmacy dealing with the sale of brand and generic medications. International Pharmacy works in collaboration with other online pharmacies for the supply of medications to the customers globally. Some of these are,,,, and It is claimed that official-drugstore has verified that the pharmacies are safe and customers can buy from them. There is no proof that International Pharmacy has been verified by the regulatory bodies, neither is there proof that the medications have been approved by the FDA.

The medications stocked have been classified into various categories according to the health issue they will be used to treat. Some of the categories include Erectile Dysfunction, Antidepressants, Asthma, Skin Care, Anti-Herpes, Antibiotics, Anti-Acidity, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, General Health, and others. No prescription will be required to purchase any of the medications in these categories.

There is a huge list of medications termed as the week’s best sellers on the homepage which include generic Cialis, Abilify, Aldara, Aricept, Amitriptyline, Aldactone, Avodart, Colchicines, Buspar, Elavil, Flomax, Motilium, Norvasc, Lisinopril, Cialis Professional, Cialis soft Tabs, Dapoxetine, Cytotec, Diflucan, Clomid, Cipro, Cephalexin, Brand Viagra, and Cafergot, among others.

I took a closer look at the erectile dysfunction category to find out some of the medications in these categories. Viagra is among them and a pill will be sold at $10.00 per pill and the price can get as low as $5 for larger packs. The brand Cialis is also in stock and a pill is sold at $10.86 for the smaller pack of 12 pills and $6.26 per pill for those who will purchase a pack of 92 pills. The other ED medications stocked include Brand Levitra, Cialis Soft Tabs, Levitra, Generic Viagra, Cialis Jelly, Himcolin, Tadacip, Viagra Professional, Caverta, Kamagra, Kamagra Chewable, and Cialis Super Active, among others.

The accepted means of payment at include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Echeck. The amount equivalent to the value of the drugs will be deducted as soon as the order is submitted and verified.

The delivery methods used by International Pharmacy include Airmail Delivery which will be used to ship medications to all countries and will take a maximum of 3 weeks to have the medications delivered and the Express Mail Service which will take a maximum of 7 days to have the drugs delivered. The EMS delivery method will be used when shipping medications to selected destinations including the United States. If the order is large or contains generic and brand medications, they will be shipped separately and will arrive on different dates. The airmail delivery method will cost $10 but will be free if the order is over $200. The charge for the EMS delivery method is $30 but will be free if the order is above $300.

International pharmacy has a money back guarantee if a claim is reported within 30 days after the receipt of the order. The refund will be either partial or total whichever you will agree with the customer service representatives. There is also an option of having the medications replaced but for this to happen, you will have to send the medications back to

To contact, you can make a call using the toll-free number +1 (718) 340-3454 or use the contact form provided on the website to send a message. A response to the written message will be sent via the email address that you will be required to provide when noting down the message. Reviews

There are no reviews in regards to the services offered by either on their website or on any of the independent review sites. This makes it hard to know if this is a reliable online pharmacy or whether the medications sold are of high quality.

Though International Pharmacy refers to itself as the number 1 internet online pharmacy; there is no way we can know if this is true. The fact that the medications have not been verified as safe by the FDA is another cause for concern as there is no way one can know if they will be effective for the treatment. Reviews 2018

There are no current reviews about the services offered by International Pharmacy which makes me doubt their credibility. An online pharmacy that has been in operation for 14 years and not even one client has reviewed it in quite odd. It could be that there are no customers buying medications from them or is not doing enough to encourage their customers to leave feedbacks after making their purchases. Coupon Codes

There are several discounts that customers buying medications from will benefit from.

If you buy medications worth over $100, a virtual discount gold card will be issued that will earn you a 5% discount on your next order.

If the order is above $200, a discount platinum card will be given which will enable you to get a 10% discount on your next order. The orders will also be processed faster compared to the duration the other orders will take.

If the order is above $300, a virtual discount VIP card will be issued and this will make you get a 15% discount on the next order. You will also be given a personal customer service assistance when placing your orders.

Official-drugstore Special Discounts

If your order will be above $200, the shipping will be free via the registered airmail shipping method. If the order will be above #300, the delivery will be free via the EMS shipping method.

Official-drugstore Free Shipping Offer

Conclusion is an online pharmacy that does not have any reviews from the customers who have been buying from them since 2004. The prices of the medications are affordable and there are multiple discounts that customers will benefit from when placing their orders. Due to the lack of feedback, there is no assurance that the customers who place orders will get the best medications within the agreed time.

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