Northwestpharmacy.Com Review – A Pricey but Trustworthy Canadian Pharmacy

Northwestpharmacy.Com Review – A Pricey but Trustworthy Canadian Pharmacy

Northwestpharmacy.Com is a pharmacy that has its physical location in Canada but offers its services on the internet. I could not determine when this pharmacy was established. The pharmacy indicates that as of 2018, they are serving more than 290,000 customers.

The pharmacy offers pet and human medications. The drugstore has both prescription and over the counter medications. I tried to determine whether the drugstore usually offers erectile dysfunction drugs. I noticed that the pharmacy had both brand and generic medications which could be used in the treatment of impotence. I checked the prices for the brand and generic Viagra. A pill of generic Viagra would cost you 11.59 dollars. A pill of brand Viagra will cost the buyer at least 14.8 dollars.

North West Pharmacy only deals with selling FDA-approved medications. I navigated the site for a long time and I could not locate any controlled substances. The pharmacy did not indicate which methods they would use to ship the medications when anyone ordered. However, the pharmacy indicated that the shipping cost would be a flat rate of $9.99. The pharmacy indicates that the prescription meds may take up to 3 days to process. After the shipping has been initiated, the medications will take about 8 to 18 days for them to reach the buyer.

Northwestpharmacy.Com did not have a live chat option on their website. What the pharmacy had is contact page that had all their contact details. The email address you can use to contact the pharmacy is [email protected] For people located in the United States, you can use the toll-free phone number which is 1-866-539-5330. The phone number that can be used by local people is 1-604-539-330. The hours of operation for the pharmacies are 5am to 8pm (PST) and 8am to 11pm (EST) during the weekdays. During the weekends, the pharmacy operates between 6am to 3pm (PST) and 9am to 6pm (EST).

The pharmacy allowed their buyers to return their packages if they were not satisfied with what got delivered to them. For your returned package to be accepted, you have to return it within a period of 14 days since the day it got delivered. Also, it has to be unopened. The pharmacy indicates that even if the product has been opened, you can still return it. However, you will not receive a full refund. You will receive a 50% refund. The pharmacy will provide the return shipping instructions when you call within a period of 14 days.

Northwestpharmacy.Com Reviews

North West Pharmacy had a large number of user testimonials. Over 90% of the testimonials were positive. These reviews were available on third-party websites. Below, I have captured a couple of their reviews:

Northwestpharmacy.Com User Comments

Morton says that he is rating Northwestpharmacy.Com 5 stars for fast shipping and great reps. He has ordered twice already. The customer service reps were always professional and knowledgeable. The medications he ordered took about 12 days for them to arrive. The prices were amazing for him. He had tried other Canadian pharmacies before but he did not have an experience as good as the one Northwestpharmacy.Com offered him.

Snider is happy with the prices available at Northwest Pharmacy. He also found it great that generic medications were available. What he was not happy with is the fact that the processing was very slow. To get your medications, snider states that you have to allow up to three weeks to pass. He also states that you have to mail your prescriptions before you can get any medications. For these reasons, he has rated Northwestpharmacy.Com 4 stars.

Northwestpharmacy.Com Reviews 2018

Northwestpharmacy.Com is still operating in 2018. I decided to locate the reviews which have been written most recently by their buyers. This would help determine whether the services offered by the pharmacy have declined or they are still the same. I have captured the reviews I found below:

Northwestpharmacy.Com Testimonials 2018

Sandy is extremely happy with the services she has been getting from Northwestpharmacy.Com. She has been using the drugstore for the past few years. The pharmacy has always offered her nice prices and prompt delivery. She says that she will continue to use the pharmacy and also recommend it to her friends.

Martha reports that she got excellent service while dealing with Northwestpharmacy.Com. When the drugstore didn’t have enough meds to fill her order completely, they alerted her and then sent what they had. She indicates that she is looking forward to receiving the remaining pills.

The fact that over 90% of the reviews left by men and women who have already used Northwestpharmacy.Com are positive should tell you that this is a drugstore you can consider trusting. However, if you are on a budget, I wouldn’t recommend that you use this pharmacy. Better pharmacies which will allow you to save over 90% are available.

Northwestpharmacy.Com Coupon Codes

I managed to locate a large number of coupon codes on third-party coupon sites. These can be used on Northwestpharmacy.Com. I have captured some of the coupons I found below:

Northwestpharmacy.Com Coupon Codes

The first coupon code will allow you to save 70%. When you use this coupon, you will only need to pay 30% for your medication. For the second coupon to help you in any way, you have to purchase medications worth more than 200 dollars. The coupon code will allow you to get free shipping.


Northwestpharmacy.Com has thousands of reviews online. Over 90% of these reviews are positive. The people who were complaining were unhappy due to some delayed deliveries. However, their drugs arrived.

One thing I did not like about this pharmacy is the fact that their prices are too high. For example, a pill of generic Viagra will cost as high as 11 dollars. This is a price that many men may not afford. There are pharmacies available online which have lesser prices for generic drugs. Another unpleasing thing I found at Northwestpharmacy.Com is the fact that you have to fax a prescription to get your meds.

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