Review – A Simple Pharmacy that Sold Affordable Products Review – A Simple Pharmacy that Sold Affordable Products

My Secure Tabs was an online pharmacy that was established back in 2007 and it was a drugstore that only sold a limited range of products which was unlike local drugstores and other online pharmacy sites. In total, its products were only limited to eleven (11) different meds but these meds were among the most popular meds on the market. By this, we can tell that My Secure Tabs’ aim was not to be the best online pharmacy nor to be the alternative to local drugstores. Its aim was to be a site where its clients can easily find their popular drugs and order them effortlessly. Due to the simplicity of its site, its users back then will find what they need in just a matter of seconds. Its clients no longer needed the use of its search bar but clicking its “All Products” option already gave them the complete list of its products. But some of its customers no longer used either option as their needed meds are already on the front page of My Secure Tabs.

But like most online pharmacies, the most featured products of My Secure Tabs were medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). These products have always greeted the customers of My Secure Tabs as these were always on the front page. The reason why these products are popular at My Secure Tabs is because they are affordably priced which is unlike at local pharmacies where these drugs fetch for top dollar. The Viagra 100 mg pills at My Secure Tabs were only sold for $1.02 USD and Cialis 20 mg pills were only for $1.19 USD. At local drugstores, these ED meds had an average price of $75 USD for just a single pill, a price that not many people can afford. In purchasing their ED meds at My Secure Tabs, customers have saved more than 95% of their money which allowed them to save big and to purchase more for their future needs.

Aside from ED pills, other products that were sold by My Secure Tabs include Amoxil and Doxycycline (antibiotics), Effexor XR (antidepressant), Glucophage (diabetes medication), Nexium (acid reflux medicine), Priligy (premature ejaculation treatment drug), Propecia (for male pattern hair loss), Zithromax (antibiotic), and Zyban (antidepressant). These were the only products of My Secure Tabs other than their ED pills which made its site really simple to use and purchase from. All of these meds that they sold were only from one manufacturer—Cipla, a large pharma company in India. All of these meds of My Secure Tabs were not branded ones but they were generic versions which means that they worked in the same way that the branded drugs worked but were priced way less.

Sadly, no longer exists and people will no longer be able to visit its site. Its site disappeared in 2016 and before it closed down, it didn’t even leave a notice to its customers which was a shock to many. There were no clues that have indicated that it would be closing down as everything seemed OK back then. But just disappeared suddenly and the reasons for its closing down are still unknown. But there are speculations that the site was forced to close due to the drive that was launched by large drugstore chains against independent online pharmacies. Large drugstore chains have started to lose profit due to the existence of online pharmacies that sell medicines which are way cheaper than their products. So in order for them to get their customers back, these companies have allied themselves with various international government agencies and even the FDA itself to close these pharmacy sites down with the help of domain registrar companies. This operation was successful and as a result, online pharmacies like have disappeared without a trace. Reviews

My Secure Tabs did not have a testimonial or review section on its page which means that its customers reviewed the site on independent third-party review websites. That’s OK since on-site reviews are not that reliable as they could be manipulated and fabricated by the online pharmacies that have them. Those reviews could be used by the sites to make their appearance look good so it was a good thing that My Secure Tabs didn’t have that review section. Below is a user review for My Secure Tabs from a reliable review website Trustpilot and let’s read what the review says.

My Secure Tabs User Review
My Secure Tabs User Review

A guy named Stephen Walker gave My Secure Tabs an excellent score of 5 stars, remarking that the site always sends its users more than what they have ordered. He must’ve had bonus pills added to his orders which gave him more than what he has paid for. He also shares that he has already placed his 2nd order with the site but his first ordered meds lasted for more than 2 years. This means that Stephen had some leftover pills and forgot about them for a couple of years but suddenly remembering about them, he found that they were not yet expired. The pills that he ordered were ED pills such as Viagra and Viagra Super Active where he mentioned that he wishes there were 50 mg dosages available and 100 mg dosages were too strong for him. Reviews 2018

Regrettably, there would be no more reviews for as the site has already been closed for years. The review from earlier was dated 4th of April 2013, which means that it was a time when the site was still available. Recent or new reviews for it would no longer be possible as the site is now inaccessible. Coupon Codes

MySecureTabs Bulk Orders Discount

Ordering big at My Secure Tabs does have its benefits because they offer discounts for those customers who will be buying more than 500 pills of their meds. The exact percentage of the discount was not mentioned but we could speculate that the discount that they had provided here is big, considering the required amount of pills to qualify for the bulk order discount.

Conclusion was a simple online pharmacy that sold only a limited number of products to its customers. In total, it’s only eleven (11) different products but these are all popular medicines which are frequently bought by the customers. But since the site is no longer available nor accessible, customers can just check our top list of recommended providers.

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