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Although I have performed a thorough search on the web concerning, there is just too little information to be found about the site. It appears to have been an online pharmacy that existed for some time but there’s almost no trace left for it. What the web archives have captured for the site have very little use as all of those captures were only showing that is a domain which is for sale, something that we can’t really use as what we’re looking for are information about an online pharmacy that operated for a certain time before disappearing. But based on what the web archives are showing, it would appear that the domain name has existed since 2002 and the latest capture was back in 2017 where what’s shown is a page error.

Meds-rx Page Error

It’s unfortunate that we can’t retrieve any useful information from the internet archives as the captures were made in times when the site was not active.

But in searching the internet for any, it would appear that the site has indeed existed. Though the information about it was pretty limited, appears to have been an online pharmacy that provided customers with affordable medicine options. It was a pharmacy site among many that aimed to provide alternative medicine options to people who are looking for cheaper drugs. It is a known fact that meds at local pharmacies are quite a pain to afford but was a source that helped customers get effective drugs without having to spend large sums of money. What appears to have been sold by were generic drugs, medicines which have the same active ingredients as the branded meds but were manufactured by a different pharmaceutical company. Compared to the prices of the branded medications, generic drugs are indeed a cheaper option with costs which are up to 90% less than the branded drugs. provided their customers with these options and helped them save large sums of money, something which was not possible to do at local drugstores. And since generic meds had the same composition as their brand-name counterparts, its users experienced the exact same effects.

Meds-rx Homepage

We can only guess if required its customers to provide prescriptions in purchasing prescription drugs from its site. Maybe it did have scripts as a requirement but there’s also a possibility that was not required as its site provided no email address or a fax number where customers can send the scripts to. Based on the image above, its front page displayed drugs like Butalbital, Viagra, and Cialis which are notable prescription drugs. Butalbital is a sedative while Viagra and Cialis are popular erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment drugs. These drugs are priced expensively at the local pharmacies but only had a small asking price for these prescription medications. Its price for Butalbital is only at $2.20 per pill, $1.50 for each tablet of Viagra, and $1.75 USD for Cialis; prices which are indeed fitting for generic versions of medicines. These drugs may be cheap but they pack the same punch as costly medicine brands at drugstores.

If membership on its site were required for purchase or not, we can only guess as the information present on this small image of is insufficient. As for its existence, the site is no longer accessible. Visiting its domain name will only give users a blank page which means that even its IP address is no longer valid. We have no clue as to why simply disappeared as the site didn’t even leave a notice to inform its customers of its closing down. Be it an internal issue or some other reasons, we can only speculate. But it’s a regret that this site is not anymore a place that people can access as it could have been a good place to buy meds because of its low prices. Reviews

User reviews are important content that will give new customers and visitors an insight about an online pharmacy and help them decide on whether to purchase or not. Sadly, there are no user reviews that exist for which means that the site is not that popular. Even third-party review websites offer no reviews for which means that it will not be possible for us to know what kind of site it is in the eyes of its customers when it still existed. User reviews could’ve been useful information that will give us a glimpse on the experiences of other people in dealing with its site. The input from the customers coming from the reviews show the readers different facets of a website. Positive and negative reviews are both helpful, showing the readers both the strengths and the weaknesses of a website. But in the absence of these reviews such as in the case of, users will find it difficult to trust an online pharmacy. Reviews 2018

Since its site is already non-existent, there will be no longer be any new reviews for Even old reviews for it are very hard to find which means that there’s probably none available. The site might have existed only for a very short amount of time that it didn’t have any chance to have many visitors or clients before it completely went off the radar. This is the only possible reason why the site has no reviews because if it had existed for a sufficient amount of time, it would be impossible for it not to have any ratings or reviews from its customers. Coupon Codes

Almost all online pharmacies have coupon code offers to help their customers get extra discounts on their purchases. But as for, it appears to have offered none. Or maybe it did, but we have no way to know since the site is no longer possible to access. We can only speculate if it did offer coupon code discounts or not back when it was still operating.


Very little information is available for which leaves us to conclude that it was a pretty unimpressive pharmacy site when it was still existing. We had a hint that it sold generic meds and has products which have affordable prices but since it had no user reviews, there’s no way to know if the offers on its site truly stood. But for customers who are looking for reliable online medicine sources, they can check our top list of recommended pharmacies.

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