Meds-247.Com Review – A Closed Canadian Medication Shop with a High Likelihood of Being Fake

Meds-247.Com Review – A Closed Canadian Medication Shop with a High Likelihood of Being Fake

Meds-247.Com was a Canadian drugstore that offered its services online. The pharmacy did not indicate when it was founded. I checked the drugstore website and noticed that the pharmacy is currently offline. The pharmacy focused on the sale of both brand and generic medications. Most of the generic meds were being sourced in India. The drugs on the site had been approved by the FDA.

Some of the meds available on the drugstore catalog included erectile dysfunction medications, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Viral pills, anxiety meds, Asthma, diabetes meds, blood pressure pills, hair loss meds, and others. To determine whether these pills were affordable, I decided to check the price of the ED meds. The pharmacy was very fair in its prices. A pill of generic Viagra was being sold at a price of only $0.35, a pill of generic Cialis would have cost males who prefer to treat ED with tadalafil 0.77 dollars. Generic Levitra was costing buyers $1.15. A pill of brand Viagra was worth 3.92 dollars while brand Cialis was worth 4.03 dollars per tablet.

To pay for medications, buyers were required to use credit cards, E-Checks, and bitcoin. The accepted credit cards included VISA and American Express. The method I would advise any online medication shopper to use is the credit cards. Disputing charges and getting your money back is much easier when using this method. This comes in handy when an online pharmacy fails to deliver medications after taking your money.

Although Meds-247.Com was not clear on how much money their customers needed to pay for their shipping, the drugstore was clear about the shipping methods it was using. Medications were being shipped either via the EMS shipping or the registered airmail. Meds shipped via the registered airmail took longer to arrive in comparison with the meds that Meds-247.Com shipped via the EMS shipping. EMS shipping took about 5 to 7 days while the registered airmail took about 2 to 4 weeks. All orders were being processed within a period of 24 to 48 hours except for orders placed during the weekends which were being shipped the next business day.

The drugstore was allowing buyers to cancel their orders before they got shipped. This means a buyer had the first 24 hours to cancel his or her order after placing it. If medications failed to reach the customer, the drugstore was offering a full refund or free re-shipment. All the methods of shipment Meds-247.Com used needed the buyer to sign to indicate that the order arrived safely.

Meds-247.Com did not have a live chat option on its website. However, the drugstore had two phone numbers which buyers could have used to reach the customer support department. These numbers were +1 800 715 5341 (US toll-free number) and +44 203 318 5981 (Europe).

Meds-247.Com Reviews

I searched the web for any testimonials buyers could have written for Meds-247.Com when the drugstore was still operational. I did not manage to find even a single testimonial. However, when I checked Meds-247.Com website capture on web archives, I found a testimonials page that had a large number of positive reviews. I have captured some of the reviews below:

Meds-247.Com Reviews

Mohammed Farooq reported that he had received his package. He was thankful to Meds-247.Com and the pharmacy staff members working for the drugstore for their support and coordination to customers. He appreciated the services offered by Meds-247.Com.

Kevin received his package. He expressed an interest in doing business with the pharmacy in the future. Jenny thanked Meds-247.Com and appreciated how helpful the drugstore had been. She indicated that she was going to recommend the pharmacy to anyone who asked her.

There is no doubt that the above testimonials are attractive and they make Meds-247.Com look spotlessly clean. However, it is extremely important to note that they may be fake. Remember, they are on the drugstore official website. This means that the pharmacy management had access to them. Therefore, they could have created fake testimonials to make buyers think that Meds-247.Com is a high-quality medications shop while the reality was the opposite.

Meds-247.Com Reviews 2018

My research proved that Meds-247.Com disappeared from the internet way before 2018. Therefore, the drugstore testimonials for the current year were never available. I noticed that the pharmacy indicated that it had been approved by CIPA. I decided to determine whether this pharmacy was telling the truth. If the store was really approved by CIPA, then the reviews available on the site could have had a high likelihood of being real. I searched the drugstore on Here are the results that I got:

Meds-247.Com CIPA Results

Just as I had expected, the drugstore was lying about its approval. This means that even the reviews available on its site were probably fake and the drugstore was using them to try and get some customers so that the drugstore could rip them off their hard-earned cash.

Meds-247.Com Coupon Codes

I did not expect Meds-247.Com to have any coupon codes. My expectations were proved to be right when I searched Meds-247.Com coupons online and failed to find any of them. However, like the majority of other online pharmacies, the store had some nice offers. I have captured them below:

Meds-247.Com Offers

The pharmacy was offering buyers free pills with every order they made. Also, the pharmacy was shipping medications for free if the buyer purchased meds worth more than 200 dollars.


Meds-247.Com is a pharmacy that does not appear to have been great. The evidence available shows that the pharmacy had a very high likelihood of being fake. The drugstore had a fairly wide catalog. This made it a great place to purchase meds since buyers could find solutions to their health problems in a single place. One other thing I liked about Meds-247.Com is that the drugstore brand and generic meds were both fairly cheap.

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