Review – This Online Pharmacy Is yet to Gain Trust of Customers Review - This Online Pharmacy Is yet to Gain Trust of Customers is an online pharmacy located in Seychelles. This pharmacy has been in existence since 2008. I have seen a great number of meds displayed on this website. These meds are grouped into different categories including Antibiotics, Anti Depressants, Pain medicine, Skin Care, Weight Loss, gastrointestinal, Blood Pressure, Women’s Health, Men’s Health etc. The popular drugs I saw in the Men’s Health category include Kamagra; a Viagra generic, generic Cialis, and generic Levitra. Kamagra on this website could go as low as $1.99 per pill, generic Levitra is $3.19 per pill, and generic Cialis is $2.22 per pill. These prices are quite high in comparison to the prices of other online pharmacies.

Furthermore, regarding the quality of meds sold on this website, I have seen nothing to assure me that they are FDA approved. No content on their website is dedicated to this neither are there any accreditations that could assure their meds are of FDA standards.

To pay for the products you buy on this website, you have to make use of Visa as this is the only payment method. All Visa cards are accepted; Visa credit card, Visa debit card, Visa Electron, and Visa gift card. I must say that this is rare. Most online pharmacies provide more payment options for their customers.

I searched their website for the shipping methods available to customers. I found out that they both standard and express shipping. The standard shipping is through Regular Airmail while the express shipping is via EMS. Regular Airmail takes 12 to 16 days to deliver orders and EMS takes only 5 to 9 days to deliver orders. I found out that the standard shipping fee is $18 but found nothing on the express shipping fee. This price is yet again high. Most online pharmacies do regular shipping for only $10.

In addition, I tried the live chat service of this pharmacy but I got no response. There was no reply to my message. This makes me believe that their customer support can’t be relied upon to resolve queries or give adequate answers to inquisitions. Check out the image of my chat trial with them.

Medformula Live Chat Image

The welcome message is automated, after that, I got nothing. Very bad I must comment. Nevertheless, they also have a toll-free line you could use in getting across to them 1–855–444–5599 or you could send an email to them at [email protected]. Note that the toll-free line is open 9 am to 5 pm ET.

I also went in search for anything regarding refunds on, so I could see the clauses embedded in their refund policy. Sadly, I found no such thing as a refund policy. This implies that if you make an order, it is not certain you would get a refund if anything such as defection occurs. This is truly not good. Reviews

Customer reviews are an integral part of any review article. Without this, it would be difficult to determine if an online pharmacy satisfies its customers by selling effective and quality products, delivering orders on time and resolving customer complaints swiftly. So, I tried searching for reviews of to see what customers have to say. Surprisingly, I found nothing both on external websites and on their website. This to me implies that is an unpopular online pharmacy. This is because if it was popular there would be reviews from customers sharing their experience. There is really nothing to point to the reputation of this pharmacy. Their unpopularity could be as a result of a poor publicity. The only pharmaceutical website I would advise you to patronize is one that has a good number of positive reviews from a trusted source. Positive reviews imply a great service and a great reputation. Therefore, always look out for positive reviews to determine if a pharmacy is worth a try. Reviews 2018

Recent reviews would give us the ability to see the recent performance of However, the fact that there is no review of makes it difficult for us to make a decision regarding their current reputation. Hence, there is no evidence to show that this pharmacy has been involved in satisfying its customers.

Furthermore, I can say a few things about the website. The first thing is that it is not encrypted. An encrypted website implies security. It implies that your data supplied on the website are secured from being stolen. Nevertheless, their payment page is fully secured. Thus, you are safe making payment on this website. Additionally, as you already know they have no guarantee that you would get a refund if anything goes wrong and no review to see if they are reliable. It goes without saying that it would be an absolutely risky endeavor buying meds from this pharmacy. Coupon Codes

I checked for discounts offered by, but I didn’t find much. Herre is the screenshots of the offers I found on their website.

Free Shipping
Free Shipping

This offer gives you access to ship you order freely when it is up to $149. I must say that this is great as most online pharmacies only give free shipping when orders are over $200.

Free Pills
Free Pills

This offer is for free pills. You get to have access to an additional 20% free pills on the next order you make of the same drug.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy with a secure payment platform and an easy to use platform. They also have a few interesting offers. However, they have no customer reviews at all. This implies that this online pharmacy is unpopular. On the basis of this, I do not recommend that you purchase your meds from this pharmacy. You had better look for a pharmacy with trustable positive reviews.

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