Review – Another E-store Closed Down by Homeland Security Review - Another E-store Closed Down by Homeland Security was an online store that offered generic and branded medicines. According to some third-party review websites that we found, this e-store offered Indian medicines. These Indian drugs were from India’s leading pharmaceutical companies. We are unable to find the start and close date of gsmeds. This e-dispensary was no longer operational after the ICE –Homeland Security Investigations closed it down.

Gsmeds Current Status

On the website of ICE, it says that their goal is to combat criminal threats that affect the US and its citizens. ICE is a police agency recognized worldwide. Under the ICE, the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) was born. HIS is one of the very few known authorities that is recognized internationally. With its power, it can investigate online criminal activities around the world that are involved in crimes such as financial crimes, smuggling, cybercrimes, human rights violations, trafficking, theft, and narcotics among others. It means that they have the power to shut down online pharmacies that seem illegal or trafficking illegal substances. Under this authority, ICE-HSI is able to shut down the operation of Gsmeds.

Why is HSI Targeting Online Pharmacies?

It is true that there are people that are using the online pharmacy business to scam other people. However, some online analysts are also saying that the authorities are using it incorrectly. Among the concluded reasons as to why online pharmacies are being targeted are:

  • Online pharmacies are selling very affordable medicines and giant pharmaceutical companies are starting to lose control of the drug market
  • Online pharmacies are offering affordable prescription medicines and giant pharmaceutical companies are losing or not getting their investment back
  • Online pharmacies are selling counterfeit medicines that can be risky to human health or to those who will use it
  • Online pharmacies increase the risk of identity theft and fraud especially when personal information is used to place orders online Reviews

With being closed down by the ICE-HSI team, most of the information on their website is no longer obtainable. A quick visit to their website directed us to the announcement posted by ICE-HSI informing visitors that GS Meds is currently down.

For this reason, we are unable to find any reviews for this website. We found some reviews from third-party review websites but the information they have are mostly general views of the e-store as a whole. Coupon Codes

We exhausted our resources to find coupon codes that GS Meds might have released or used in the past to no avail. We are unable to find promotions or perks that the store had used in the past.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that is no longer operating. Their domain had been seized by the ICE-HSI and all information had been extinguished. Based on some information we found from review websites that reviewed Gsmeds though, this e-store used to operate with the following information:

  • Gsmeds used to offer commonly used medicines like antibiotics, pain reliever, erectile dysfunction drug, diabetes medicine, weight loss pills
  • Gsmeds offered Indian generic medicines that were Indian FDA approved
  • Gsmeds asked for a prescription before dispensing an Rx medicine
  • Gsmeds accepted credit card for payment

Overall, the picture of Gsmeds based on some third-party review sites is favorable. However, with its current status, we can say that this e-dispensary was not a reliable online pharmacy. To be closed down by the Homeland Security means that it had fraudulent activities in the past and there is a big possibility that the medicines they sold were counterfeit or substandard.

For now, we are glad that the ICE-HSI operation is doing its job in cleaning up the internet of online pharmacies that might be illegal. We just hope that this is not a ploy for big pharmaceutical companies to get rid of their competitors.

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