Goodchemist.Com Review – An Affiliate Marketing Site with Unknown Location

Goodchemist.Com Review – An Affiliate Marketing Site with Unknown Location was a drugstore that had been operating on the internet. When I checked its website recently, I noticed that the drugstore was offline. Its website on the web archives did not give a hint of when this pharmacy was established. The store also did not disclose its physical location. After checking its copyright section, I realized that Good Chemist had not been a physical pharmacy offering its services on the internet. The site was only used for affiliate marketing. This means that there was a large pharmacy using to get more customers.

The only medications I managed to locate on website were FDA approved. I could not locate even a single controlled medication. was only focusing on selling generic medications. Most of these generic medications had their origin in the Indian pharmaceutical companies. The health problems whose solutions were available on include erectile dysfunction, bacterial infections, premature ejaculation, fungal diseases, and others. The store did not have an extensive catalog.

To determine whether medications were affordable on, I decided to check the prices for the ED drugs the drugstore was selling. A pill of generic Viagra was worth 1.12 dollars. A pill of generic Levitra would cost its buyer 2.42 dollars while generic Cialis was worth 1.67 dollars a pill. These prices were a little bit higher than I would have expected. I have managed to locate lower prices for ED medications online.

The drugstore assured their buyers that their medications would be shipped in discreet packages such that no one would know what was really inside the packages delivered. The pharmacy utilized the United States Postal Service (USPS) to deliver these medications. The delivery would take 5 to 7 days. Buyers were supposed to pay 20 dollars for shipping.

To pay for medications, buyers had to own a credit card. This is the only method of payment the store was accepting. This is a good thing since buyers would have the ability to dispute any charges made to their credit cards in case their medications failed to get delivered within the specified time.

Reaching the customer support department appeared to have been extremely easy. The drugstore had a live chat option. The store indicated that a customer support agent would be available on a 24/7 basis to answer the customer queries. Given that the official pharmacy website was already offline and I was actually using its website capture on the web archives, I did not get to try out the live chat feature. The pharmacy had a number that buyers could have used to call. The number was +1 702 965 3395. Reviews

I have come across a large number of online pharmacies which have nice offers, prices, and a great looking websites but in the real sense, the drugstores were being run by scammers. The only way to differentiate a real pharmacy from a fake one is through checking its testimonials. This is why I decided to look for any reviews available for Good Chemist. I could not locate any testimonials on third-party sites. However, the store had nice reviews on its official website. I have captured these below:

Goodchemist Testimonials

David reported that he received his order. He is thankful to He says that he would be ordering again. His wife was actually surprised with the results produced by the medication. David himself felt like he was 18 years old again after taking the pills. Mark says that his order was delivered on time. The pills worked great. From what he is saying I can only assume that he had ordered ED meds. He appears to be very happy with the results the pills produced.

I have never come across reviews available on an official pharmacy website which were negative. Since the drugstore management has access to these testimonials, they can manipulate the reviews in order to help them get more customers. For this reason, it is not advisable to trust any testimonials available on the official drugstore website. I would advise you to trust testimonials available on an external reviews collecting site. Reviews 2018

The reviews available on Good Chemist website did not have dates on them. I could not tell which ones were written in 2018. Since the drugstore is not available online, there is a high likelihood that there were no 2018 testimonials on the site. The reviews below were also obtained from testimonials page.

Goodchemist Reviews

Steve says that his generic Viagra was as he had expected. The drug managed to make a good thing even better. The medication price is affordable such that he has the ability to use the medication all the time. The drugstore helps him eliminate performance anxiety. Kieran is thankful for the prompt service offered him. The pills arrived within the expected the timeframe. Coupon Codes

My research proved that Good Chemist did not have any coupon codes. However, the drugstore had some onsite offers. I have captured these below:

Goodchemist Offers

The only offer available on the drugstore was for the free shipping. For a buyer to become eligible for this offer, he or she had to purchase meds worth more than 100 dollars.

Conclusion was a quite an unpopular online pharmacy. The drugstore did not have any testimonials which could help prove whether it was offering great services to its customers. The reviews available on its official website were positive. However, these are not worth trusting since numerous pharmacies create fake reviews and place them on their websites to trick unsuspecting buyers. The fact that Good Pills was accepting payments via credit cards is a great thing. This is because buyers could dispute any charges the drugstore made to their credit cards if it failed to deliver meds.

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