Review – A Closed Med Store Which Did not Have a Great Reputation Review – A Closed Med Store Which Did not Have a Great Reputation

Gold Pharmacy was an online pharmacy that never stated when it was founded on its website. Also, I could not determine the physical location of the web drugstore since this was not available on the drugstore website. was not actually a real online drugstore. The website acted as an escrow service. This means that it was connecting online medication shoppers with physical pharmacies.

Gold Pharmacy was stocking both brand and generic drugs. Most of the generic drugs on the website had their source in Indian companies. The pharmacy had a fairly wide catalog. Some of the meds available on included erectile dysfunction medication, skin care products, pain relief medication, anxiety pills, sleeping aids, muscle relaxants, depression meds, weight loss pills, and others.

The drugstore was fairly cheap. I checked the price at which it was selling its erectile dysfunction pills. A pill of generic Cialis was being sold at a price of 1.7 dollars. Generic Viagra was worth 1.5 dollars per tablet while generic Levitra was being sold at a price of 1.9 dollars per pill. Brand Viagra, brand Cialis. and brand Levitra was being sold at a price of $8.1 per pill.

Getting medications from Gold Pharmacy whether it was brand pills or generic pills did not require the buyer to have a prescription script with him or her. The pharmacy had an online diagnostic where they used qualified physicians to review a patient before dispensing medications. indicated that the medications available on its website had already been approved by the FDA and hence they were safe for human consumption.

The drugstore was using only the Registered Airmail to ship medications. This method of shipment usually took approximately 12 to 18 days before the meds reached the buyer. Upon delivery of the medications, the pharmacy required the buyer’s signature in order to confirm that the order did get delivered. Orders were being processed within a period of 24 hours although orders placed on Friday after 4 pm had to wait until the next business day before they got processed.

The pharmacy was not accepting medication returns. The drugstore indicated that if a buyer failed to receive his or her order, he/she could contact the pharmacy and inform them about the issue. The pharmacy was offering free re-shipment of orders which got lost before they reached the buyer. was offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

Buyers were allowed to contact Gold Pharmacy either via the drugstore phone numbers or via the email. To send an email, a buyer had to use the contact form available on the drugstore contact page. The pharmacy toll-free number was 1 866 210 9191 while their regular international phone number was 1 312 380 0446. Reviews

Even after searching for the Gold Pharmacy reviews everywhere on the web, I could not locate even a single testimonial. I usually don’t trust online drugstores which lack customer testimonials. This is because there is no way to tell whether the drugstore is a scam site trying to rip me off your money or it is a real online drugstore whose services I can rely on.

Generally, pharmacies which offer high-quality medications and services will have a large number of testimonials. Over 90% of the testimonials will be positive. An online pharmacy that lacks any testimonials either lacks any customers or any of the customers who buy from the pharmacy never experience any quality services such that they feel obligated to write the pharmacy a review.

There are two types of reviews: on-site reviews and testimonials available on third-party review-collecting sites. On-site reviews are usually not trustworthy. A pharmacy management will have access to these reviews. They may, therefore, manipulate any genuine reviews or create totally fake testimonials which do not reflect the performance of the drugstore in order to try and sway your decision. The best reviews to trust are the ones you find on an external review-collecting site. A web drugstore will not have access to these reviews which means they will reflect the actual experiences buyers had when shopping at a particular online pharmacy. Reviews 2018

I could also not locate any Gold Pharmacy reviews which had been created in 2018. What I did is search Gold Pharmacy domain address on various domain scanning programs. The first program I used is I have captured the results below:

Gold-pharmacy Report

The site was recommended for neither browsing nor purchasing products from. The store had a 0% safety rating. Trusting an online pharmacy with a 0% safety rating is never a good idea. The likelihood of receiving fake pills or your money getting stolen is very high.

Gold-pharmacy Scam Adviser Report

The next program I used to scan is scam adviser. I have captured the results I found above. The program also indicates that the pharmacy had a low trust rating. You wouldn’t want to trust a pharmacy with both your money and health if it is only 13% safe. The drugstore was hiding its physical location. Scam Adviser could not determine whether it is located in Germany or in Israel. Coupon Codes

I could not locate any coupon codes which buyers could have used at Gold Pharmacy. Also, I could not locate any special offers on the official drugstore website. The only way buyers could have managed to save their money while sourcing their meds at is through buying the drugs in bulk. The price of a pill decreased as the number of pills purchased increased.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy which did not appear to have been trustworthy despite having a huge catalog and fairly affordable meds. The pharmacy did not have testimonials. The programs I used to scan the pharmacy show that it was not trustworthy. The drugstore did accept credit cards. This is a good thing since disputing charges was easy when the pharmacy failed to deliver.

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