Freeviagranow.Com Review – A Drugstore Serving the EU Only

Freeviagranow.Com Review – A Drugstore Serving the EU Only

I have to admit that when I first loaded, I was expecting to at least find some free Viagra pills. However, as it turned out, its name is just a marketing stunt. There are no free Viagra pills in this pharmacy. This drugstore does not state where it is located. However, when you load the website, the default currency is the Euro. This shows that there is a very high likelihood the drugstore has its physical location in Europe. However, this is just a stipulation since the actual location is not indicated on the website.

When I checked the pharmacy copyright section, I noticed that it indicated 2010. This means that there is a very high likelihood that this is when the drugstore was established. The pharmacy has a variety of medications on its catalog. The most popular drugs appear to be erectile dysfunction meds. Some of the other meds available on its catalog include weight loss pills, migraine medication, pain relief, skin care, and even herbal meds. Free Viagra Now does not have an extensive catalog. All the medications being sold by the pharmacy are all approved by the FDA.

I checked the price for the erectile dysfunction medications. The first thing I noticed is that the drugstore offers both generic and brand ED meds. The generic meds appeared to be more preferred since these are the drugs the pharmacy was advertising the most. The price for their generic sildenafil citrate average at $1.8 per 100mg tablet. The price for brand Viagra ranges from $13.25 to $14.58 depending on the number of pills you are buying. The pharmacy has a price of $2 on average for their generic Cialis.

Freeviagranow Live Chat

When it comes to shipping medications, the pharmacy only focuses on shipping them to the countries located in the EU and the UK. This means that if you are not located in any of these locations, you will not get any medications from the pharmacy. The pharmacy had extremely high shipping prices. If you prefer using the Registered Airmail, you would have to pay $39. For your products to be shipped using Express Mail Service Courier, you will have to be prepared to part with $70. The airmail shipping will take about 7 to 10 days while the EMS shipping will take 4 to 7 days.

If you end up not receiving your products after 30 days, the pharmacy offers to either refund your money or reship your drugs for free. This will depend on what you prefer. The drugstore accepts payment via major credit cards such as VISA and Mastercard, Western Union, and Bank transfers.

The pharmacy had a live chat option. I managed to chat with one of their customer service agents. I have captured the chat below:

Buyers can also reach out to the customer support department via an email. To send an email, you have to use their contact form on their contacts page. The drugstore did not have an email address or phone number. Reviews

To determine how useful is to buyers, I decided to search for the reviews written by people who had ordered their meds from the pharmacy. I found three reviews on Trustpilot. These reviews were positive. I have captured two of them below:

Freeviagranow Testimonial

Macri reports that Free Viagra Now is the only online drugstore that has not cheated. It is the only pharmacy that has delivered the drugs he ordered. He did not have any trouble with the customs.

Anna reports that she would recommend to anyone who would like to purchase slimming pills. She has bought the pills from other pharmacies but Free Viagra Now was the best. The pharmacy offers tracking numbers. The delivery is fast. Reviews 2018

I could not locate any reviews written by buyers who have used Free Viagra Now in 2018. However, I have captured the last review available on Trustpilot. The review was written back in 2017. The testimonial is also positive.

Freeviagranow User Testimonial

Gregorio reports that Free Viagra Now is a good pharmacy to order Viagra from online. He reports that the problem is not finding where men can buy either Viagra or Cialis. The problem is finding an online pharmacy that you can rely on. He reports that Free Viagra is the pharmacy he has been using to source his generic Viagra for the past 4 years. This is the only online drugstore that has always delivered his package. He states that he has tried a large number of online pharmacies. He recommends Free Viagra Now to men who would like to buy their generic Viagra online. appears to have some nice reviews. This shows that there is a possibility that he drugstore usually delivers medications and does this on time. However, due to the fact that the store has a very small number of testimonials, the best thing you can do is approach it cautiously. There are pharmacies available online which have numerous proven testimonials. These are the pharmacies you should trust. Coupon Codes

Even though the name of the pharmacy itself suggests that it offers great offers, the reality is the opposite. The drugstore does not have any offers. There are no free Viagra nor any other medication that is being offered for free even as a trial version. Also, does not invest in coupon codes. This is quite surprising considering a lot of customers are attracted to buy from a pharmacy by the chance to save using coupon codes.

Conclusion does not have any negative comments online. The drugstore has positive comments. However, these are very few. Pharmacies which offer high-quality services usually have a large number of testimonials. The pharmacy only ships medication in the EU region and in the UK. This means that if you are outside these regions, you won’t get medications from Pharmacies which ship drugs worldwide are available.

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