Europe-Overnight.Com Review – A Cheap Drugstore with A Huge Catalog but not Reliable Testimonials

Europe-Overnight.Com Review – A Cheap Drugstore with A Huge Catalog but not Reliable Testimonials

Unlike what the drugstore name suggests, this closed online pharmacy did not have its location in Europe. The pharmacy was based in Canada. had been established back in the year 2001. Every pill the drugstore was selling had the FDA-approval. I found a large number of medications on the drugstore website. However, the medications which seemed to dominate the drugstore bestsellers section were the erectile dysfunction medications.

I decided to analyze the drugstore prices and whether they were affordable by looking at the price the ED were being sold at Europe-Overnight.Com. The pills were very affordable. A tablet of generic sildenafil citrate (viagra) would have cost any male suffering from impotence 0.27 dollars while generic Cialis would have cost the buyer 0.68 dollars. A pill of generic vardenafil (Levitra) was worth $1 per tab. The store had brand erectile dysfunction medication. Brand Viagra and brand Cialis cost buyers 2.56 dollars and 3.09 dollars respectively.

Other medications present in Europe Overnight catalog include Asthma medications, blood pressure pills, arthritis pills, birth control pills, allergy medication, diabetes medications, skin care products, and others. Each medication category had a large number of meds included under it.

To pay for these meds, buyers were only required to use credit cards. The accepted credit cards included Mastercard and Visa. I did not like that the drugstore only limited buyers to using only 2 credit cards to pay for their meds. However, I appreciated the fact that buyers had the ability to feel safe when paying for their meds at Europe Overnight since disputing charges made via credit cards is extremely easy.

Delivery was done via two shipping methods. These included the airmail shipping and the EMS delivery. The latter method was fast. It took around 3 – 8 working days before the ordered medications got delivered. The shipment itself would cost the users 19.95 dollars. For buyers who did not need their meds quickly, the best shipping method to use was the Airmail shipping. This was cheaper since it cost the buyer 9.95 dollars. medications would take longer to arrive. They were taking about 14 to 21 days.

Europe Overnight did not invest in the live chat feature which could help their customer needs get resolved quickly. But, the pharmacy had 2 phone numbers. One for the US and one for buyers located in the UK. The United States number was +1 718 487 9792 while the United Kingdom number was +4420 3239 7092. The drugstore also had a contact page which had a contact form that a buyer could fill out and send the pharmacy an email. There was no guarantee regarding when this email would be responded to by the customer support department.

Europe-Overnight.Com Reviews

Since reviews are an important consideration when a buyer is trying to determine whether to source medications online or not, I decided to look for the customer comments left by buyers who had purchased their meds at Europe-Overnight.Com. There were no Europe-Overnight.Com testimonials on 3rd-party reviews collecting sites. The only reviews I found were on the drugstore main website. I have indicated these below:

Europe-Overnight.Com User Feedback

Leeroy from Italy reports that even after ordering for three times, sourcing his meds at Europe Overnight was still attractive. The meds arrived on time and he never had to wait for them for too long. the contents present in his package were fine. He managed to save himself some money and he is pretty happy about this.

Charles enjoyed both great prices which allowed him to save his money and free gifts. Jessica found the pills he had been looking for at Europe-Overnight.Com and they had nice prices.

The reviews you find on the official pharmacy website will always be positive. However, the majority of these testimonials are not trustworthy. In fact, I have found many fake drugstores with copied positive testimonials. The reviews are used to fool unsuspecting customers. For this reason, it is important to avoid trusting every single comment you find on a drugstore website. Trusting on-site testimonials can lead you to trust fake drugstores without knowing.

Europe-Overnight.Com 2018 Reviews

Europe-Overnight.Com appeared to have been closed before 2018. The likelihood of it lacking 2018 testimonials is very high. I have included extra reviews available on its official website:

Europe-Overnight.Com Reviews

Samuel from France enjoyed a speedy delivery and he was informed about the day to day progress of his order. He has used Europe-Overnight.Com for a while and he is happy with the pharmacy. Sarah says that she enjoyed great service such that she could not ignore it. Her product was delivered to her quickly and she is thankful for the quick delivery. Piter indicated that he would be ordering again soon. He enjoyed great shipment and customer service.

Europe-Overnight.Com Coupon Codes

Europe-Overnight.Com did not have any coupon codes. However, the med shop had some offers on its official website. I have included some below:

Europe-Overnight.Com Bonus

The drugstore was adding free bonus pills. Buyers who bought meds worth more money were getting more pills as a bonus. The drugstore was also offering free shipping to buyers who purchased meds worth over 200 dollars. The pharmacy was also offering discounts to buyers who bought their meds in bulk.


Europe-Overnight.Com is a pharmacy that does not appear to be very trustworthy even though the testimonials available on its official website are very positive. There is a very high possibility of these reviews being copied. The pharmacy had very affordable prices. Also, the drugstore had a wide catalog which made it easier for buyers to get medications only on one online drugstore. The drugstore was offering free re-shipment for destroyed goods or lost packages.

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