Drugsincanada.com Review – Another Canadian Online Pharmacy that Closed Down Recently

Drugsincanada.com Review - Another Canadian Online Pharmacy that Closed Down Recently

Drugsincanada.com was a drugstore that operated from 2004 to 2017 based on its recorded activity. It was a Canadian online pharmacy as its name suggested. This e-store had been offering generic and branded medicines for common illnesses. On their FAQ page, the said that the medicines they offered were all produced by Food and Drug Administration approved manufacturers.

Among the medicines sold by Drugs in Canada were drugs to treat allergy, infections, depression, antibiotics, pain, asthma, high blood pressure, high sugar level, high cholesterol, diuretics, erectile dysfunction, and mental problems. They also offered drugs for weight loss, hair loss, smoking addiction, alcohol addiction, and contraceptive pills. Their page was divided into three, medical categories of drugs being offered, bestsellers, and the alphabetically arranged name of the medicines.

For their bestsellers, drugsincanada.com had generic Viagra on the list for a price tag of $0.81 per pill. Generic Cialis was also on the list for $1.31 per pill while generic Levitra was sold for $1.88 per pill. Other brands of erectile dysfunction medicine offered were Kamagra, Viagra Professional, Cialis Professional and Female Viagra for $1.36 per tablet. In addition to these erectile dysfunction drugs, they also had Propecia and Clomid on their bestseller list.

All orders can be paid with a Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card. ACH is also accepted. For US orders, they were delivered thru USPS while deliveries to other countries were done thru EMS and Registered AirMail. They also partnered with Royal Mail and Deutsche Post for European orders.

For all orders, customers were advised to give it 30 days before reporting it missing or lost. To report it, customers of Drugsincanada.com should contact 1-888524-7141 or 44-808-189-1420. Make sure to check the status of your order by using the track your order page or contact support to check it for you before reporting it missing. They can be reached at their contact us page as well by directly sending them a message. For undelivered orders, because it went missing, held in customers or lost, Drugsincanada said they refund customer’s money. Their support team was available 24/7 back then.

Drugsincanada.com Reviews

Drugsincanada.com run for more than a decade. We tried to check for reliable third-party reviews but found none hence we settled with their on-site reviews. Be advised that we don’t consider on-site reviews as reliable because these can be fake or paid reviews.

Let us check some of the on-site reviews for Drugsincanada.com.

Drugsincanada.com Reviews

We chose three reviews from the on-site testimonial page of Drugs in Canada. We selected the ones shared by Johnny, Mike, and Stephen. In their own words, here are the things they shared about this e-store.

  • Johnny took the risk of using his credit card in ordering online and he was happy with the result
  • Johnny said he received genuine medicines from this e-store
  • Johnny said all of his questions were answered by the support team of Drugs in Canada
  • Mike said he was able to talk to the people from this e-store and his questions were answered
  • Mike said he received medicines that looks exactly the same as the picture
  • Stephen said this web store worked hard to protect his card against fraud
  • Stephen said this is an honest online pharmacy

As expected from on-site reviews, the feedback we gathered for Drugs in Canada is positive ones. Because of the too-good-to-be-true experiences they shared, we have some doubts that these reviews might be written by fake people. For us, reliable customer reviews are reviews that can be found from third-party review websites or from forums. If it is an on-site review, chances are, these are written by the store owner.

Drugsincanada.com Reviews 2018

As Drugsincanada.com closed down in 2017, we are unable to find reviews for this year. We searched for third-party reviews for their latest customer feedback but found none as well.

Drugsincanada.com Coupon Codes

After exhausting all possible resources, we are unable to find coupon codes that Drugs in Canada might have released in the past. On their saved pages on the web archive, we are unable to find specials or promotions that the website might have used in the past as well.

Promotions are always offered by online pharmacies to entice customers. Without a promotion, consumers wouldn’t even take a glance at a website. Perhaps this e-store offered some promotions in the past that are no longer obtainable as the website had been down for a year now.


Drugsincanada.com was an online pharmacy that operated for 13 years based on the archived information. This e-store shut down its operation in 2017. It was a Canadian internet drugstore that offered generic medicines and offered delivery worldwide. Most of the medicines they offered were from India. On their FAQ page, they assured their customers that all products dispensed by this e-store were safe and effective. These were from FDA approved facilities.

During their operation, they partnered with different courier services in order to deliver orders smoothly. They worked with USPS, Royal Mail, and Deutsche Post to shorten delivery time. This was in addition to the usual EMS and International Standard Air Mail Shipping forms. They also accepted different types of credit cards for payment whereas some online pharmacies only accept Visa.

As a consumer, we would say that the 13 years of experience of Drugsincanada says something about their service. They always offer different options to their customers. Even with erectile dysfunction medicines, they offered many brands that customers can choose from. We can say that they only lack reliable customer reviews to back them up. For 13 years, it was a surprise to see them gone and left nothing, even a single third-party review.

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