Drugs-store.com Review – A Good Retail Store and Medicine Source Now Closed

Drugs-store.com Review – A Good Retail Store and Medicine Source Now Closed

Drugs-store.com or drugstore.com is probably one of the largest and most successful online pharmacies on the web. It was launched back on February 24, 1999, but had to shut down on September 30, 2016. Due to its success, Walgreens, a large drugstore chain corporation, purchased the site back in 2011 for $409 million USD and used it as their online outlet for selling their products. But Walgreens eventually decided to close the site down to focus on their own Walgreens site which also sells the same assortment of products. But since drugstore.com has already been an established website that has been operating for almost 20 years, many of its customers have been dismayed by Walgreens’ decision as the site is already catering to hundreds of thousands of customers at that time.

What made drugstore.com a popular online pharmacy in the US is its very affordable products. It’s like a local drugstore on the customers’ fingertips, allowing them to browse a myriad of products that goes well beyond the medicines to personal care products, household items, groceries, pet needs, vitamins, diet and fitness products, sexual health needs, dietary supplements, and herbal medicines. Customers can simply select from its 65,000+ different products, a huge product base where they can easily find what need since everything is neatly categorized for their ease. They can just then proceed to the checkout page after they finish ordering, pay for their purchases, and wait for their orders to arrive. The shipping of orders at drugstore.com only takes two (2) days, a quick delivery time that ensures its customers get what they need. This two-day wait time for the shipping of orders is only applicable to customers within the US and it was not made clear on the website of drugstore.com if this delivery wait time is also applicable to the orders made by its international customers.

At drugstore.com. the purchase amount requirement that the customers must reach to get their orders shipped for free is only $35 USD. Yes, $35 USD is the only purchase amount that the customers must have and their purchases will automatically be free of any shipping charges wherever they are in the US. Unfortunately for international orders, this minimum order requirement doesn’t apply since drugstore.com have very limited distribution centers abroad. The shipping fees for international orders are also higher than the basic fees so the free shipping of orders is only exclusive for customers within the US territories. Users of drugstore.com must first create their own account on the store before they can make a purchase. Drugstore.com requires its customers to provide complete and accurate information regarding their identity, address, contact numbers, and other important details for the processing of orders so that the items will be sent to the right destination.

The customers of drugstore.com also love hunting for bargain items on its site as it has a What’s On Sale section where all of its discounted products can be found in one place. Customers can get for up to 60% off from the products which are included on this list and drugstore.com even offers $60 USD off on some of its selected items. These sale items change from time to time as these products are only discounted for a certain season. Most of these products will revert back to its original prices after a certain period of time and buyers have to take advantage of the offers while they last as they may never be available the next time they visit.

Drugstore.com also have the site beauty.com within its own site since these two sites are just the same company. This means that the customers can shop both of their needs from the two sites using just one virtual cart and pay just once for their convenience. The products which are at beauty.com is also cheaper compared to the local shops that sell them, making it a better place to buy beauty products.

Drugstore.com Reviews

A drugstore.com user by the name “Gatsby11” just loves shopping at the site because of the way it makes his life easier. The user simply can’t think of a negative thing about the site and simply loves its rewards system, the quick shipping of orders, and the very easy reordering process that they have. “Gatsby11” even mentions that he no longer remembers the last time that he purchased his needs in the “real LIVE life”. He gave drugstore.com a 5-star score and thanked the site for making his life simple.

Drugstore.com User Reviews

The reason for the review given by the user “ShaneWest” is also the same as the first one and it’s about the ease of life that drugstore.com gave him. No longer does Shane have to leave home just to buy what he needs at a local drugstore as drugstore.com sends his orders right to his mailbox. He’s already been a customer of drugstore.com for years and is always pleased with the service that he receives.

Drugstore.com Reviews 2018

Since drugstore.com is no longer available, there are no more reviews available for the site. Walgreens now continues the operations of drugstore.com on its own site which is walgreens.com. It has the exact same products and promotions but it no longer has the same old drugstore.com “feel”. Many of its past customers are now using walgreens.com but some have decided to use other pharmacy websites for purchasing their needs online.

Drugstore.com Coupon Codes

Customers can enjoy free shipping at drugstore.com by just ordering products with a total sum of $35 USD and up.

Drugstore.com Perks

They will also get a 5% rebate on all of their orders regardless of the total amount of what they bought. In using the site’s auto reorder feature, buyers will also get a 10% discount on top of all the other discounts that they already have. On the instant coupons feature at drugstore.com, buyers will have access to the products which have coupon discounts, helping them save more money.


Though drugstore.com was a good retail store and medicine source on the web, it’s regrettable that it had to close down since its owner, Walgreens, decided to focus on its own website. The site used to have a very large assortment of products which are at very low prices but since it’s no longer available, customers can instead check our top list of recommended providers.

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