Review – Closed for Unknown Reasons Review – Closed for Unknown Reasons

Direct Rx Deals was a pharmacy website that sold generic medicines to its customers—drugs that had the exact same effects as the branded drugs but with more affordable prices. Generic medicines are FDA-approved versions of branded drugs that had same active ingredients, making them similarly effective for treating the health conditions that they were made for. In purchasing them, the customers of Direct Rx Deals were able to reap the same great benefits that were given by the expensive branded medicines only that they didn’t have to spend as much. The prices of generic meds that were available at Direct Rx Deals were up to 90% cheaper than the meds sold by the local pharmacies and this gave its clients the opportunity to save great amounts of money while purchasing great amounts of the medicines that they needed.

The range of pharmaceutical products at Direct Rx Deals were not as huge as the selection of medicines that the local drugstores had but its site certainly had the medicines which were frequently used and popular among users. Its site was designed not to provide a complete assortment of drugs but to provide only those which the customers found necessary. But even though this was the case, its product base was still considerably huge, offering a great number of categories and medicines to all.

Mens Sexual Health Section
Men’s Sexual Health Section

Among all of these categories, the most visited one on its website was the men’s sexual health section where the pills for erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment were found. ED was and still is a common condition among elderly males and the need for pills that treat its symptoms are great. But the problem that many men face was not the condition itself but the price of the drugs that treat them.

The three most popular brands for treating ED are Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis and these drugs have an average price of $75 USD per pill at the local pharmacies. This was a price that not many men can afford so what Direct Rx Deals did was it sold generic versions of these drugs that worked similarly effective but with prices that were only below $2 USD per tablet. It was a huge treat that customers took advantage of and it also helped them treat their conditions for much lesser costs.

Generic Viagra Pills at Direct Rx Deals
Generic Viagra Pills at Direct Rx Deals

Aside from the cheap medicine prices and quality products, Direct Rx Deals also required no prescriptions from its customers whenever they purchased prescription drugs. It offered its prescription products freely without this requirement which allowed its clients to buy their meds without any hassles. Prescriptions were such a tough requirement that customers have to put up with at local pharmacies, necessitating them to have appointments with their doctors and pay hefty professional fees. By skipping scripts as a requirement, Direct Rx Deals made medicine purchase a lot more convenient for its customers which allowed them to save a lot of time and money. But although shoppers were able to buy prescription drugs from its site with no difficulties, it still recommended its customers to first consult their doctors before using the medicines that they have purchased just to be safe.

Regrettably, Direct Rx Deals no longer exists and is no longer in operation. No one knows the exact reason why it just closed down as it simply disappeared from the web without any notice or announcement which was a shock to many of its clients. Some speculate that it might have moved to a new domain or it might have closed down due to financial issues but no one really knows for sure. Reviews

Customer reviews are very important for an online pharmacy as these are proof that their site is genuine and is legitimately operating. For most people that shop for their meds on the web, customer reviews are the gauge that they use before deciding to make a purchase. This is because customer reviews show the authenticity of a pharmacy site’s claims; the experience of the customers who gave reviews testify for themselves that an online pharmacy is indeed what it promised itself to be. Sadly, there are no user reviews that exist for Direct Rx Deals either third-party testimonials or onsite reviews. This means that there would be no way for us to determine if it was indeed a trustworthy website back in the day when it was still in operation.

Searching the web, no independent pharmacy review site even had a single user review for Direct Rx Deals. For me, this only means one thing. Direct Rx Deals has closed down before even having the chance to be reviewed by any of its customers which was unfortunate. But the lack of user reviews for its website could also mean another thing. It could mean that Direct Rx Deals was an unpopular online pharmacy that never got the chance to have any customers, a problem that forced its owners to close it down or let its domain contract run its course and lapse. Reviews 2018

It will now be impossible to get any user reviews for Direct Rx Deals as its website no longer exists. We don’t even have a clue as to when its site disappeared as the captures of the site didn’t even manage to be registered on the web archives. All we know is that its domain name is now vacant and is currently for sale on the web. Coupon Codes

Since Direct Rx Deals is no longer accessible, it will now be impossible to find out what its promotional offers were back then. It might have offered some of its products at special discounted prices or gave freebies away but there’s no longer any way for us to know since its website is now gone.


Direct Rx Deals was an online pharmacy that sold affordable alternatives to the branded drugs in the form of generic medicines. Its products were of good quality, approved by the FDA and had prices which were up to 90% cheaper than the drugs that the local pharmacies sold. However, its site is already closed for unknown reasons and it no longer exists. But customers can always check and buy from the reliable pharmacies at our list of recommended providers.

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