Review – Existed for a Very Short Period of Time Review – Existed for a Very Short Period of Time

Direct Pharma Sales was an online pharmacy whose existence on the web was so brief that the web archives weren’t able to capture images of its site before it completely closed down. There’s simply no images of the site available on the database of the internet vaults but fortunately, there were some sources on the web that offered some information concerning its existence. But since these details were still limited, there’s no way for us to find out how long it has really operated. But what we can surely say was that it was once an online medicine source where customers purchased affordable and quality pharmaceutical products.

On the image of its site above, there’s a date which said May of 2016. Through this, we can safely assume that the site has operated for a certain period of time within this year. It couldn’t have been a year or even several months since the web archives will surely have saved its website if it was active for a long period of time. Since no web captures are available for this site, it might be that Direct Pharma Sales was only able to operate for a month or two before disappearing for good. As for the cause of its closing down, no one really knows the reason why. If it was a financial issue or anything else, we can only guess as the site appears to have just went offline without notifying its customers through an announcement to at least give them a heads-up.

Just by the look of its website, it appears that Direct Pharma Sales was an online drugstore that specialized in selling generic medicines. Many customers might have bought generics from its website as an alternative to the costly branded drugs which were sold at the local pharmacies. Since generic medicines had the same active ingredients as the branded drugs, the results and the effects that they gave were exactly the same. But the difference was that generic medicines are way cheaper, the trait that made it the more practical option especially for those who are looking to save money on their medications. Generic meds can cost for up to 90% to 95% cheaper than the branded drugs, giving its users a great savings opportunity. If generic medications were all that Direct Pharma Sales sold, it would not be a surprise if it had a lot of customers during its short period of operation.

If a site registration was required prior to becoming a customer of Direct Pharma Sales, we do not know. But what we know is it shows on the image of its site was that it had a log-in option on the upper right part of its page. If the registration on its site wasn’t mandatory, it might just be an option that the customers used to track their purchases. Because usually, pharmacy sites like Direct Pharma Sales had a purchase option that allowed its clients to purchase their medications anonymously. And if anonymous purchases were possible on its site, the next thing would be that Direct Pharma Sales didn’t require its customers to provide scripts in purchasing prescription drugs. This might have been a big relief to its clients since scripts weren’t easy to obtain. Patients were required to have an appointment with their physicians and pay costly professional fees just to get them. And if Direct Pharma Sales didn’t have it as a requirement on its site, it only means that it managed to help its customers save great amounts of time and avoid unnecessary expenses. Reviews

Directpharmasales Rating

Although Direct Pharma Sales no longer exists as an online pharmacy, it managed to receive some ratings from independent ratings site back when it was still on the web. And according to the trust rating given by a website named Scam Analyze, had a very poor score. We don’t know why this was the only score that its website received but we can be certain that it was due to its low popularity. Concerning reviews, Direct Pharma Sales have none which means that none of its customers even cared to give a feedback about their experience with its website. If a website has no reviews, the only logical conclusion would be that it might not have had any customers at all.

Considering the very short lifespan of its site on the web, this conclusion is not at all impossible. In fact, this might be the very reason why it has closed down after just a short amount of time. Trust ratings are always based on popularity and customer reviews and if a site fails at both, then it is considered as an untrustworthy/suspicious site. The only consolation that we have is that Direct Pharma Sales didn’t have any complaints, negative reviews, and scam reports. Reviews 2018

Direct Pharma Sales has already been closed for some time now and it would be impossible for the site to have any new user reviews. The internet doesn’t have very much information about its website as it appears to have disappeared as soon as it was established. Even the web archives weren’t able to get captures of its website, meaning that it didn’t stay in operation for very long. A few independent review websites on the internet offer reviews for Direct Pharma Sales but even these contain limited information. Coupon Codes

Direct Pharma Sales Free Shipping
Direct Pharma Sales Free Shipping

Since the site of Direct Pharma Sales is already closed, it’s no longer possible to retrieve information about its promotional offers and freebies. But based on the image of its site, we can see that it offered free global shipping to its customers. We don’t know if this has a purchase amount requirement or not but we can assume that it might have been just as what it said; free.


Direct Pharma Sales was an online pharmacy that only existed on the web for a very short period of time that the web archives weren’t able to capture images of its website. But based on the image that we were able fortunately retrieve from the web, it was an online pharmacy that provided a more affordable medicine option to their customers through generic meds. For reasons still unknown, its site simply disappeared without any warning. For online pharmacies that can be trusted, customers should check our list of top recommended providers.

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