Review – Sold Cheap Pills on the Web for Several Years Review – Sold Cheap Pills on the Web for Several Years is an online drugstore that sold generic treatments for customers wanting to save more in drug costs online. This shop has been around for years but has unfortunately closed its doors to its online consumers. Like most online pharmacies that end up closing, the Cheap Online Pills store offered no explanation on why it suddenly ended its service – well, most of the online drugstores find no reason to explain their position and also believe that they have no obligation to explain why they closed their shops after operating for some time on the web.

There was no information when Cheap Online Pills has started its service or where it was located. However, according to the domain analysis report for the Cheap Online Pills store, it was identified in Seychelles, while its records were seen on the web archive in as early as 2003, although that was no guarantee that the shop has indeed started as early as the year 2003.

All of the medicines sold by the Cheap Online Pills store were generic treatments and they were mostly from Indian FDA approved generic manufacturers. Customers need not provide their prescriptions for the medicines they need since Cheap Online Pills was not an actual pharmacy and did not have a licensed pharmacist to dispense the products. Cheap Online Pills, like most online pharmacies in the market, was nothing more than a prescription service that sold buyers cheap medicines online.

What I like about Cheap Online Pills the most was its cheap products – buyers have indeed saved a lot using the shop for their medications, as opposed to using their local drugstores. However, Cheap Online Pills has eventually closed down and has unfortunately left no traces of its former service even in the form of third-party buyer reviews. Reviews

Cheap Online Pills did not have third-party reviews on the web, which I actually found intriguing since the store has lasted longer than the usual 1-year-lifespan online drugstores. However, I found on-site reports for Cheap Online Pills, although I was a bit hesitant to refer to them given the bias commonly associated with these on-site reports:

Cheap Online Pills Reviews
Cheap Online Pills Reviews

Most of the buyer testimonials written for Cheap Online Pills in its testimonials section were about buyers being thankful for their timely order receipt. In several cases, buyers were also awed by the effective products they have bought from the store, stating that they were amazed at the value passed on to them by the store given the low prices and the high-quality products.

Edmond wrote that he was thankful for Cheap Online Pills since it had great prices for the medicines he needed and according to him, so far, all of the meds he’s ordered from the store were effective and safe to use. He also wrote to state that he’ll be placing his 4th order on the shop soon.

Alan Durk has emphasized the convenience of using the Cheap Online Pills shop. He also mentioned that the support team helped him facilitate his order, so he’s successfully ordered from the store.

Despite the good nature of Edmond, Alan, and other users’ reviews, I can’t rely on these reviews since they are not a hundred percent reliable. Reviews 2018

Reviews for the year 2018 for Cheap Online Pills were not available on the web, perhaps because the store has long closed down before the year has even begun. Because no buyer reviews for Cheap Online Pills existed in 2018, my best play was to use third-party sites to evaluate the condition of the domain

Cheap Online Pills Assessment Result from Scamner

Cheap Online Pills Assessment Result from Scamner
Cheap Online Pills Assessment Result from was my third-party website of choice since this site is capable of detecting whether a website in question at least has its own SSL certificate or not.

According to, the shop Cheap Online Pills did not have its own SSL certificate, was unpopular with the clients, and its owner was identified using a concealing service to hide important details.

All in all, the shop only scored a low 3% for its trust rating. Coupon Codes

Since Cheap Online Pills has some of its website shots archived, I was able to look for deals existing for former Cheap Online Pills buyers. Although the store did not have coupon codes, the shop had several buyer offers in place:

Cheap Online Pills Promotional Offers for Clomid
Cheap Online Pills Promotional Offers for Clomid

Like most web pharmacies, Cheap Online Pills has offered bulk order discounts for buyers with more orders. Buyers were able to save up to $124.20 per purchase of Clomid when they chose to buy in bulk.

Other discounts offered by Cheap Online Pills were the following:

  • Reorder discount (10% on the next orders)
  • Free airmail shipping on orders worth $200 and up


Cheap Online Pills has indeed offered cheap medicines to its former clients. The shop was around for several years, selling cost-effective products from renowned Indian FDA approved generic manufacturers. However, like most web pharmacies, the shop eventually closed down without warning and has left its buyers hanging since it was unable to inform its clients whether it merged with another site or has moved to a new domain. It’s time to look for a new shop, especially if you’re a former client of this store – if you’re interested in reliable stores with the best prices, I suggest taking stores on our TOP Vendors list into consideration.

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