Review – Not Really the Cheapest Store of All Time Review – Not Really the Cheapest Store of All Time was a former online pharmacy that has left the online generic drug selling scene. Honestly, there is nothing much about this Canadian Healthcare Shop store on the web, which led me to think that the store was not as popular as it claimed when it was still online. According to this online pharmacy’s archived records, it was the store with the lowest online deals for its products – which I actually found interesting since almost all of the web drugstores I’ve browsed claimed the same thing.

Although the store’s name implies that it is based in Canada, there is no sufficient online proof that the store has indeed originated from Canada or at least operated in the country. Canadian Healthcare Shop’s archived records did not reflect anything about its inception date or where its owners are based, so I am somewhat unsure of its age. The records for the store reveal that it has existed since 2010, but I am unsure if the store has operated earlier than 2010. It’s also unknown how long the store has operated, although I believe that Canadian Healthcare Shop has closed down a few years after it was incepted.

Even if the store Canadian Healthcare Shop looked different than its online counterparts, it still had the same content as the other web stores online. Canadian Healthcare Shop featured mostly generic medicines and its top products were erectile dysfunction medicines with the same active ingredients as the products Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Like most online drugstores, Canadian Healthcare Shop also featured tons of other generic products grouped according to the diseases they were relevant to, like for instance, high cholesterol, blood pressure, pain, hair loss, and others. Since Canadian Healthcare Shop was inclined toward the sale of generic impotence treatments, naturally, its featured products included medicines for erectile dysfunction treatments. To give you an overview, Canadian Healthcare Shop had the following prices for its best-selling products:

  • Generic Viagra: $0.99 per pill
  • Generic Cialis: $0.95 per pill
  • Viagra Professional: $1.88 per pill
  • Cialis Professional: $4.97 per pill
  • Generic Levitra: $2.82 per pill

There was nothing on the shop stating that it required the buyers to send their prescriptions whenever ordering, so I think the store has allowed no prescription purchases for its products. This was something natural with online pharmacies, but this is flagrantly illegal at local drugstores.

Concerning payments, Canadian Healthcare Shop has accepted credit card payments from a host of companies (JCB, VISA, Diners, MasterCard, and AMEX) and has also honored E-checks.

The shop Canadian Healthcare Shop shipped to consumers all over the world but did not disclose how much it charged for the shipping fees. Reviews

Although most online pharmacies have their reviews published on their platforms, not all web drugstores have reviews from their consumers. In the case of the store Canadian Healthcare Shop, the shop did not have any review available on site. However, the store did have one third-party review from a client who complained about it on one web platform:

Canadian Healthcare Shop Complaint

Canadian Healthcare Shop Complaint
Canadian Healthcare Shop Complaint

According to the user named Brenda, the shop Canadian Healthcare Shop scammed her and did not send her the meds she paid for. Canadian Healthcare Shop did not refute her statement but the shop did not also resolve the matter. According to Brenda, she has reported Canadian Healthcare Shop to the authorities because of this negative experience she had with the online pharmacy. Reviews 2018

Since Canadian Healthcare Shop did not have any reviews whatsoever on its site and even on third-party sources, I checked if the store had records on domain assessing platforms. Fortunately, the store Canadian Healthcare Shop did have an analysis from one reliable source, Here’s the report for Canadian Healthcare Shop:

Canadian Healthcare Shop Review
Canadian Healthcare Shop Review

According to Canadian Healthcare Shop, the store hasn’t been reported as a scam store (at least not yet), but this was no guarantee that the Canadian Healthcare Shop was a safe store either. Based on the information presented on Canadian Healthcare Shop, the store had the following concerns:

Canadian Healthcare Shop had a missing SSL certificate: All online stores should have an SSL certificate so their consumers won’t have to deal with scammers stealing their information. Canadian Healthcare Shop did not have on so it put its buyers at risk of getting their details stolen when they shopped at Canadian Healthcare Shop.

  • Canadian Healthcare Shop was generally an unsafe store: According to the result from Scamner, Canadian Healthcare Shop did not have trust records available and hence was a dangerous store to use for online purchases. Coupon Codes

Canadian Healthcare Shop Free Pills
Canadian Healthcare Shop Free Pills

Although Canadian Healthcare Shop professed to have the lowest deals for its consumers, the shop did not actually have any discount code or promo for its consumers. However, as consolation, the store offered freebie pills to its customers:

According to the Canadian Healthcare Shop banner, customers were entitled to 4 free pills whenever they shopped at Canadian Healthcare Shop, but buyers with more orders were given 12 pills instead.


Canadian Healthcare Shop claimed to be a Canadian store but did not offer proof that it indeed was from Canada. The store has also mentioned that it offered some of the lowest prices for generic medicines and while the store indeed had good prices for the meds, I am not so sure if they were the all-time lowest prices on the web.

Since this store is now offline, it’s better for buyers to consider other options when it comes to generic medicine purchases, like for instance, the stores found on our list of TOP Web Pharmacies for the year.

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