Avipharmacy.com Review – Seized, but Why?

Avipharmacy.com Review – Seized, but Why?pharmacy.com looks a lot like the former online pharmacies I’ve been to. It has the same template as the “Trusted Tablets” label and had most of its products similar to almost every online pharmacy I’ve encountered online. This shop, however, has now closed down since it was seized by the government, according to the glaring notice on the former Avi Pharmacy website.

Although I am quite against online sellers of counterfeit medicines (of course I wouldn’t want to purchase fake products especially the ones I put inside my body) and am totally with the government in eradicating scammers online, there are instances where the government is dead wrong when it comes to reprimanding online suppliers. Now, this isn’t saying that I agree with the government in seizing online sellers, but I think, in some instances, the government is overly prejudiced against online pharmacies in general, especially since they threaten the sales of major online pharmaceutical companies in the market. I don’t know for sure what the deal with Avi Pharmacy was, but there isn’t any proof online that this web drugstore has sold fake products to its buyers, at least not yet.

Like what I usually do for online pharmacies that are now inaccessible, I tried to look for available web data for this online pharmacy and hence ended up with its Internet Archive records. I thought since Avi Pharmacy looked like most of the internet pharmacies I’ve been to, it also had more or less the same lifespan of less than a year. Well, I was wrong – according to the details available for Avi Pharmacy, the shop has operated since 2012 and until the government decided to embargo its web address in 2017. It’s somewhat sad to see online pharmacies go, especially the ones offering low prices for otherwise too expensive medications, like for instance, medicines for HIV, erectile dysfunction, heart medicines, and other products.

Avi Pharmacy, like the typical local drugstore, has asked for prescriptions before it dispatched the orders to its consumers. According to the data on Avi Pharmacy, the shop required an Rx especially for the Rx-only medicines, to ensure that the buyers will have proper use for the medicines. However, Avi Pharmacy did not give out medical advice since it did not employ the presence of a licensed physician.

The most popular items on Avi Pharmacy included the following:

  • Generic Viagra: $0.69 each pill
  • Generic Levitra: $1.50 each pill
  • Generic Clomid: $0.81 each pill
  • Kamagra (Generic Viagra): $1.50 each pill
  • Generic Propecia: $0.60 each pill
  • Generic Diflucan: $1.45 each pill

As for the shipping, Avi Pharmacy charged a minimal rate of $10 for the regular shipping, although it charges more for orders shipped via the express mail option.

Payments accepted by Avi Pharmacy included credit cards and Bitcoin.

Avipharmacy.com Reviews

I was surprised that Avi Pharmacy did not have buyer reviews on the web considering its long online service (compared to usual online pharmacies that only last up to a year). I assumed that since Avi Pharmacy has operated longer than the usual online drugstore, the shop would have had plenty of reviews, especially from third-party sources.

Since there were no Avi Pharmacy reviews, I resolved to use the available Avi Pharmacy reviews on Avi Pharmacy’s old platform:

Avi Pharmacy Reviews
Avi Pharmacy Reviews

Well, since the Avi Pharmacy store’s reviews were only found on-site, the reports found for the shop were positive, as expected. According to buyers like David, Avi Pharmacy was highly recommendable because of its integrity and because of its products.

Carlos, on the other hand, thanked the online pharmacy for the timely delivery of his orders. James also had the same praise for Avi Pharmacy and also mentioned that the medicines found on Avi Pharmacy were affordable than most online drugstore prices for the same products.

Avipharmacy.com Reviews 2018

Since the store Avi Pharmacy has closed down in 2017, the shop did not receive buyer attention in the next years. I tried looking for Avi Pharmacy comments on the web but since the store did not have any reviews, I resolved to use a third-party site in order to gain more details for the web pharmacy.

There were good things identified for Avi Pharmacy by Scamner – according to the results for Avi Pharmacy, it has indeed been working for more than 3 years and fortunately, Google hasn’t yet reported to the platform as an unsafe site.

Although this was some sort of “good news”, Avi Pharmacy was also identified to have some problems, like the following:

  • The store was identified to host illegal content
  • Avi Pharmacy was identified as an online scam
  • The website was marked as spam
  • Avi Pharmacy did not have an SSL certificate

Avipharmacy.com Coupon Codes

Avi Pharmacy did not have an online coupon deal for its consumers, but the store has offered other deals to its consumers, like free pills, free shipping, and referral discounts. However, these offers were conditional and the rewards were only granted when the buyers were able to satisfy the conditions set by the store.


Avi Pharmacy is one former online pharmacy that has been seized by the government but without any sufficient proof. This online pharmacy has been operating since 2012 and was, in fact, one of the longest-running stores in the market. However, since it is now offline, it’s time for buyers to look for other alternatives for this online pharmacy.

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