Review – Seized by Europol Despite Having A Good Reputation Review - Seized by Europol Despite Having A Good Reputation was an internet drugstore that was seized by the US government and is no longer operating. It was one of the many online pharmacies that received a seized order from the Homeland Security and its partner agencies for selling counterfeit products specifically medicines. According to the Homeland Security and the Europol, it is their way of cleaning the internet and protecting consumers from cybercrime. As for most online pharmacy operators, it was a way for large pharmaceutical companies to put a stop to its competitors such as Canadian online pharmacies and Indian online pharmacies.

The operator of didn’t provide any information about this e-store such as its location and operation date. On their page, it says that their promise included fast online purchase as they do not require a prescription, discreet packaging and weekly discounts. Airstorepills offered erectile dysfunction medications. Among their top offers were Apcalis Oral Jelly for $3, Caverta for $5.50, generic Cialis for $1.30, generic Cialis Soft for $1.45, Eriacta for $1.21, Intagra for $2, Suhagra for $1.40, Kamagra for $1.50, and Tadacip for $2.22 per pill. They also offered Forzest for $2.39 per tablet and Tadalift for $2.

After checking Airstorepills and its pages, here are the things that we found:

  • They offered different packages for each medicine (30 tablet pack, 60 tablet pack, 120 tablet pack)
  • For each medicine, they offered general information such as how to take it, why take it, dosage, possible side effects, what can interact with it, what to do while taking a specific drug, proper storage
  • They offered generic erectile dysfunction medicines from India

Orders from this e-dispensary were delivered via Courier Service for $20 or via Standard International Airmail for free. With Courier Service, it takes up to 9 days for the order to be delivered while Standard International Airmail takes up to 21 days. The EMS delivery option is not available for orders with PO Box delivery address or unverifiable contact information. The total shipping rate might vary as there will be extra charges depending on the order’s destination.

For queries and issues, the number to dial to reach customer support team were 1800 532 4808, 1718 313 1498, and 44 203 011 0241. They also had a live chat support team for those who cannot make a call. For those who just want to drop a message, the contact us page was also available. Reviews

For the years they operated online, we are happy to find some customer reviews for We picked some third-party reviews and some on-site reviews.

Airstorepills Reviews

The review of Emma was the first one that we found. She was from Florida and she mentioned about recommending this e-pharmacy because it was reputable. She said she received her order on time and they were effective.

Mike shared the second review and he mentioned about the special coupon code that she received. The code was for a 7% discount.

In 2014, Patrick mentioned the good quality and price of the medicines he received from this e-store.

These third-party reviews were pretty good, and we are surprised to find such purely positive reviews for an online pharmacy.

Airstorepills On-Site Reviews

On the website of, they also had their own testimonial page and we picked two.

The first one was from Ken who wrote a review to thank the e-store for sending his orders on time. He mentioned that the pills he received were incomplete though and was hoping to receive the remaining ones.

The second review was from Curt who talked about receiving all his orders and finally believing that he was not scammed. He was so happy that everything worked and that he received all of his orders from He said he waited for a month for his orders to arrive and when they did, he was just too happy.

These two reviews were from the testimonial page of and though they are too positive for the website, we can say that it might be true as the third-party reviews we found had the same contents. Still, it was a question if the judgment of the US government was true or not. Reviews 2018

We are unable to find customer reviews for 2018. Perhaps this e-store was no longer operating this year. Coupon Codes

Airstorepills Coupon Code

During their operation, Airstorepills did not release any coupon codes for their customers to use. What they offered were discounts and promotions such as bonus pills of up to 20 pills, free shipping on eligible orders, and a 7% discount on reorders. This was a way to thank customers and to encourage them to return and become a loyal customer.

Conclusion was an online drugstore that was seized by the US government and the Europol for selling unapproved medicines. It is one of those online pharmacies that are no longer operational, yet the Europol hadn’t provided any evidence against them.

The offered medicines of were purely erectile dysfunction drugs. The reviews we found, including the third-party ones, were purely positive as well. We are still surprised to find the web store as one of the targeted online pharmacies of the Europol and the US government.

What we liked about this web store was the information they provided on their site about each product they offer. General information was included aside from the price and available packages being sold. They also had a news page for the latest and hottest news and updates about erectile dysfunction. Such information is helpful especially for people who are dealing with erectile dysfunction on their own or those who want to educate themselves on their own.

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