Review – No One Knows Why It Closed Down Review – No One Knows Why It Closed Down

ABC Online Pharmacy was a huge and established online medicine source with over 260,000 customers served since it started in 2003. It was a bustling internet drugstore with customers from all over the world, selling high-quality prescription and over the counter medicines at prices which are 40% to 90% cheaper than the local pharmacy prices. But unfortunately, its site is already closed and inaccessible and based on the information left on the web archives, it simply disappeared somewhere around the year 2014. No one knows exactly what happened to ABC Online Pharmacy or the reason why it has closed down. If there was a top 10 list of the most popular online pharmacies during its existence, is surely included on that list. It’s not only an online drugstore which is popular on the web but as a website, it also had the privilege to be featured on media outlets such as The New York Times,, USA Today, FOX,, and AOL. ABC Online Pharmacy also got featured in magazines such as TIME, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Reader’s Digest, and Newsweek.

Many heads were left scratching by ABC Online Pharmacy’s disappearance. No announcement or notice or any deadlines was seen on its site before it completely terminated its operations. Although there were really no reasons for closure that were left behind by the site, many speculate that it closed down due to the pressure from large drugstore chains. ABC Online Pharmacy sold medicines at very affordable prices and as a result, it drew many customers away from buying their meds at the local pharmacies. Local drugstore chains lost profit because of this and as a result, it launched a campaign to close down independent online pharmacies. With the help of the US government who received large taxes from these corporations, the drive was a success. ABC Online Pharmacy may have had no other option but to shut its operations down than its site be forcefully seized along with its other assets. After its disappearance, there ABC Online Pharmacy never became online again. No one knows if it has changed its domain name to a different one but as of now, its site no longer exists.

But back when it was still in existence, ABC Online Pharmacy was a fully-licensed online drugstore of Canadian origin. It had a reliable customer service department made up of knowledgeable customer support personnel and licensed pharmacists that assisted their clients with whatever concerns they had with its site or its pharmaceutical products. Their customer service hotline was open 24/7 to provide assistance to its clients living in different time zones around the world and even offered phone support to six (6) different languages. Its toll-free phone and fax number was +1 866 299 DRUG (3784) and its support department can also be reached through its email which was [email protected] As for its operating hours back then, ABC Online Pharmacy was only open from 6 AM to 5 PM PST on weekdays and 7 AM to 3 PM PST every Saturday as its site was closed on Sundays.

Having over 4,000 different pharmaceutical products, the selection of ABC Online Pharmacy closely rivaled that of a local pharmacy in the product range. It had a price match guarantee for all of its products and also charged no tax for their meds. It even offered its clients free samples for selected medicines. But just like at the local pharmacies, ABC Online Pharmacy required its customers to provide prescriptions whenever they will be purchasing prescription drugs. It was not possible for customers to order prescription meds from its site without first providing valid prescriptions from their physicians. Reviews

Since ABC Online Pharmacy has already been closed for years, third-party user reviews for its site can no longer be found. The only reviews available that we can retrieve are the ones which are from its archived pages. Onsite reviews should not be taken as legitimate reviews as these may have just been made-up to make a website appear decent and reputable. Third-party reviews could’ve been much more reliable as those kinds of reviews are impartial and transparent. Nonetheless, here are the user reviews from ABC Online Pharmacy’s site.

ABC Online Pharmacy User Reviews
ABC Online Pharmacy User Reviews

A customer named Abigail from Texas commends ABC Online Pharmacy as a site that cares about its client’s health and not just concerned profit. Since the site sold affordable meds, Abigail will recommend it to all her friends and family as their alternative medicine source.

The next review was from a customer named Donald from Colorado. He was glad that he found out about ABC Online Pharmacy as he managed to save 50% on his medicine expenditures. Donald also mentions that the service that was provided by ABC Online Pharmacy to him was prompt and efficient.

Another customer who gave a review for ABC Online Pharmacy was a lady by the name of Patricia. She gave a review to let the site know that she was very relieved that she found it as her medicine source. She recalls on her review how she used to spend hundreds of dollars in buying her medications every month. But with the help of ABC Online Pharmacy, her drug expenses have been significantly reduced. Reviews 2018

New reviews are no longer available for ABC Online Pharmacy as its site has already been closed since 2014. Site reviews can still be found on the web for ABC Online Pharmacy but these were also from long before and doesn’t have any user reviews attached to them. Currently, the only available source of information for ABC Online Pharmacy is the web archives. Coupon Codes

Customers who have signed up on the site of ABC Online Pharmacy got an outright 10% on their prescription medicine purchases. It was not discussed on its site if this discount was just one-time or a continuous privilege that its clients have enjoyed.

ABC Online Pharmacy Sign-Up Discount
ABC Online Pharmacy Sign-Up Discount


ABC Online Pharmacy may have been a popular and reliable online medicine source but it’s no longer available as it’s already closed. No one knows exactly why it has closed down but it was a huge loss to its customers since it sold quality meds at very low costs. Though it no longer exists as a site, customers can always check our top recommended providers for other reliable options.

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