77canadapharmacy.com Review – Offered 7000 Prescription Medicines

77canadapharmacy.com Review - Offered 7000 Prescription Medicines

77canadapharmacy.com was an internet pharmacy that offered up to 77% savings on medications. They offered express delivery in the US and Standard Delivery anywhere in the world. One of their promises was allowing customers to order up to 6 months’ worth of supply. On their main page, 77canadapharmacy claim that they had more than 1000 over the counter medicines on their shelves and over 7000 prescription medicines. A web store that operated for 8 years, 77canadapharmacy.com is no longer active as of this writing. The office address of this e-store was in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

The offered medicines of 77canadapharmacy were safe and effective as these were from their partner pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies that are licensed by the Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association (MPhA). The medicines they offer were from South Africa, India, England, New Zealand, Israel, Turkey, and the USA.

On their homepage, a customer won’t find a list of medicines offered. You have to go through their med directory manually to find their list of available products. They also had a prescription category, over the counter category, and pet meds. Consumers who are looking for a Viagra can find it in this store for a price of $76.10 per pack. The pack comes with 4 tablets of 25 mg branded Viagra. With a regular price of $168.49 for a pack of 4, getting at this price indeed means a savings of 77%.

The drugs offered by 77canadapharmacy.com were FDA approved according to their website. These medicines were from reputable pharmaceutical companies such as Ranbaxy, Teva, Cipla, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and Novopharm.

For payments, customers of 77canadapharmacy.com can complete their orders by paying with a credit card like Visa or MasterCard. It can be completed as well by paying with an electronic check and money order. On their FAQ page, this web store assured its consumers that what they charge is final and there were no hidden charges.

Orders from this e-store were delivered differently depending on the country of destination. For deliveries within the US, there is $10.99 shipping charge. The same applied to orders for Canada. With this rate, the order is expected to be delivered within 12 days. Customers who wanted to receive their orders faster can opt to have it Expressed Delivered for a price of $21.99. With this shipping method, the order is expected to get delivered within 8 business days.

All international orders can be delivered for a shipping fee of $49 with an estimated time of arrival of 25 days. All delivery methods with the exception of Express Delivery are not trackable.

For inquiries or concerns, 77canadapharmacy.com provided a phone number that their customers can call. The numbers were 1-800-545-1106 for call and 1-866-548-8621 for fax. They also had a live chat support team and a team that answers messages sent thru their contact us page.

77canadapharmacy.com accepted returned non-prescription medicines as long as the package was undamaged or unopened. For prescription medicines, they will accept a return of the package was damaged during the transport process. For no-delivery of orders, they will reship if the error was with the courier but if the problem was caused by the consumer, eg, the address provided was wrong, 77canadapharmacy.com won’t be liable for reshipping. The customer can pay another shipping fee to have their order reshipped.

77canadapharmacy.com Reviews

For an internet drugstore with more than 8 years of service before shutting down, we expected a lot from it. We expected to find customer reviews and here are some of them:

77canadapharmacy.com Reviews

The first review was from Nancy who gave this web store a single star rating. The rating was because of the expired medicine she received. The package was from Turkey and the expiration date on the package clearly indicated that it was expired. Nancy checked with Eli Lilly to be sure and she was right.

The second reviews were from Josh who said that the service of 77canadapharmacy.com was becoming more unreliable as time passes by. He said that on the first times that he ordered, all medications arrived on time but lately, he had to wait months for his orders to arrive. Josh called it a shitty company.

For a fresh breath of air, we found a 5-star rating from Sharon who said that her ordered medicine looked exactly the same as the one on the picture. She was in Texas and was happy with the package she received.

Lastly, we found another customer who used to have good experience with 77canadapharmacy.com but said that lately, the service became horrible. Nancy said that the last time she ordered, they charged her yet didn’t send her anything.

The mixed reviews of 77canadapharmacy.com were very dismaying because except for one positive review, the rest were bad. It seems like 77canadapharmacy.com started on a good foot as an online pharmacy but then it became shady after years. Perhaps it caused the company’s shut down.

77canadapharmacy.com Reviews 2018

As 77canadapharmacy.com is no longer in operation in 1018, customer reviews for 2018 for this e-dispensary is no longer available.

77canadapharmacy.com Coupon Code

77canadapharmacy.com didn’t have coupon codes during their run. What they offered to their customers were promises such as 100% satisfaction guarantee and secured SSL system for safe credit card payment.

77canadapharmacy.com Promise


77canadapharmacy.com was a Canadian online pharmacy that offered prescription and non-prescription medicines to their customers worldwide. They offered different brands of medicines from known pharmaceutical companies. What we find off with this e-store was their high priced products and their mixed reviews with more negative reviews than positive ones. With their negative customer reviews on a third-party review site, we are no longer surprised to find this e-store inactive as of this writing.

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