4rx.com Review – A Success at First but Now Closed

4rx.com Review – A Success at First but Now Closed

The website 4rx.com was a redirect site leading to usonlines-rx.com, an online pharmacy where customers can purchase quality medicines at low prices. Back in the day, 4rx.com used to bring a lot of customers to usonlines-rx.com because of its domain name which is easier to remember than the latter. The site usonlines-rx.com itself managed to cater to many customers around the world and provide them affordable prescription drugs but unfortunately, both of these domains are already closed. The reason for their closing down is not because they went out of business but because they were among the sites affected by the campaign launched by the corporate drugstore chains in the US to shut down small online pharmacy sites. Compared to the prices offered by these large corporate drugstore chains, the prices of medicines that can be bought at usonlines-rx.com are way cheaper; with prices that are up to 95% less than what the local drugstores sell. Sadly for their clients, 4rx.com and usonlines-rx.com can no longer be accessed as these sites have been shut down for good.

The available medicine categories at usonlines-rx.com through 4rx.com are only few and is only limited to men’s health products (erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation treatment meds), weight loss drugs, women’s health meds, birth control pills, antibiotics, pain relief, gastrointestinal drugs, skin care products, and body sprays. Compared to the assortment of drugs available at the local pharmacies, this small category greatly falls short from the basic customer needs but usonlines-rx.com have focused on these drugs as these are the most bought meds from its site. Other than these drugs, usonlines-rx.com through 4rx.com no longer sells other products. But to give their clients more options to choose from, usonlines-rx.com have made both of the generic versions and the branded equivalents of their products available. These branded drugs are not as expensive as the ones which can be found at local drugstores because these drugs are sourced directly from the pharma companies that manufacture them. This direct deal enables usonlines-rx.com to get their drugs at wholesale prices to the benefit of their clients.

Customers are required to create an account at usonlines-rx.com before they are allowed to make a purchase. Guest purchases are not possible on its site and it’s mandatory for its customers to register first at usonlines-rx.com before they can order anything. This policy was made by the site also for the benefit of its customers for them to see the history of medicines that they are buying, making the reordering process easy. To guarantee the safety of its clients, usonlines-rx.com have also used SSL certificates to encrypt the information being sent by their customers, protecting it from being intercepted by outside sources.

Buyers who needed assistance with using its site or needed answers for their questions about the products and the processes at usonlines-rx.com used to call its customer service hotlines which are +44 808 280 0713 and +1 877 778 3153. The former is for customers from the UK and the latter is for clients which are located in the United States. Both of these hotlines are toll-free and were open for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week when the site was still active. Clients who were without telephones were also able to contact usonlines-rx.com through its Contact Us page where they simply filled out the forms and received responses from the site through their email. For the mode of payments accepted on its site, usonlines-rx.com used to receive MasterCard and bank wire payments. Other than these two payment methods, the site honored no other payments.

4rx.com Reviews

Since 4rx.com and usonlines-rx.com are basically the same site, the review that the customer will give to usonlines-rx.com will just be the same for the other. The available user reviews for the site are only on-site reviews and these kinds of reviews are not as reliable as they seem. There is a big possibility that these reviews are just fabricated by the site itself so we can never be 100% sure that they are indeed genuine. But let’s take a look at these on-site reviews and check what they have to say for the site.

4rx.com User Reviews

Perry Levy, a customer from the USA, gave this review which is dated December 2013. His comment about usonlines-rx.com is that it is a great pharmacy and it was one of his first picks. He also said that the first online order that he’s ever made was from here and he’s 100% satisfied with the store’s service.

The next review for 4rx.com and usonlines-rx.com is from Roy Mora, a customer who is also from the USA. He gave the review around October of 2013 and the reason for his review is simply because he wanted to thank the site because he has already received his order and it’s in a perfect condition.

As expected, these reviews are overly positive which gives us a hint that these may have been faked to make the site look good. Since very few third-party reviews for the site are accessible on the web, these are the only ones that we can obtain as these are archived. But below is among the very few available third-party reviews for 4rx.com, coming from a customer who disagrees from a rip-off complaint against the site.

An anonymous customer responded to a complaint that 4rx

An anonymous customer responded to a complaint that 4rx.com is a rip-off, defending that it is a legit online medicine source. This customer had no complaints about the shipping of her weight-loss meds and was also confident of the site’s security measures to her credit card information. She also mentions that her meds were delivered in a secure packaging which means that it was handled properly.

4rx.com Reviews 2018

There are no more reviews which can be found for 4rx.com and usonlines-rx.com since these sites have already been closed for years. Other than the reviews which were discussed earlier, there are no other reviews to be found on the web which is related to 4rx.com or usonlines-rx.com. Either way, those reviews are no longer relevant as the site has already been closed down and is no longer active.

4rx.com Coupon Codes

Loyal customers of usonlines-rx.com through 4rx.com did have a lot of benefits as they only needed to order the second time to get a lifetime of benefits from its site. After ordering for the first time, the clients of usonlines-rx.com and 4rx.com will now get 15% off each time they reorder. This is already a huge discount and a considerable amount for those who have made large purchases.

15% Discount on Reorders
15% Discount on Reorders


The site 4rx.com which led customers to usonlines-rx.com may have been a success at first but now that they’re already closed for years, buyers will now have to find other alternatives. It had really affordable medicines and it’s just a shame that the site had to be closed down. But for other available options, customers can always check our list of recommended providers.

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