24hoursppc.org Review – A Steroid Seller with Great Testimonials but High Prices

24hoursppc.org Review – A Steroid Seller with Great Testimonials but High Prices

24hoursppc.org is an online pharmacy that largely focuses on selling steroids. The drugstore has been online for more than a decade and a half. It was established back in the year 2002 which means bodybuilders have been getting their meds from the pharmacy for exactly 16 years now. Similar to most online drug stores which sell steroids, 24hoursppc.org did not indicate its physical location. The drugstore appeared to want to hide its identity completely. The pharmacy owners were offering a 5% discount to clients if they used their Deep Web site.

The pharmacy indicates that the steroids sold on the website are sourced directly from the manufacturers. Some of the manufacturers who sell the drugstore steroids include British Dragon, Eurochem Labs, Radjay Healthcare, Centrino, and Jenapharm. On top of selling steroids, 24hoursppc.org was offering other medications which include erectile dysfunction meds, HIV/AIDS drugs, women’s health drugs, fat burners, liver protection, and more.

To determine whether the drugstore is affordable, I decided to check the prices for both steroids and erectile dysfunction meds. Sustanon 250 which is sourced from Balkan Pharmaceuticals will cost bodybuilders 300 dollars for a single 250mg/ml vial. For men who are looking to treat their erectile dysfunction, generic tadalafil by the name Tadarise will cost 5 dollars per 20mg tablet. For men who prefer to use sildenafil citrate, generic Viagra will cost them 4 dollars per 100mg pill. This price for generic erectile dysfunction medications is not what a buyer searching for meds online would expect. However, it is possible to find web drug stores which offer much lower prices for the same pills.

To pay for your meds at 24hoursppc.org, you will have to use bitcoin, money orders, and wire transfer. The drugstore does not accept either credit cards or PayPal. This was unsurprising for me since most online drugstores which sell steroids don’t accept the trackable methods of payments. The drugstore does not indicate the shipping charges buyers should expect. The only thing the drugstore indicates is that orders are shipped in a discreet way. Orders are delivered in discreet packages which don’t have the name of the product inside or that of the drugstore.

The pharmacy states that the return address provided is a fake one. Therefore, if you happen to return any of your products, they will go nowhere. The pharmacy does not offer refunds. To contact the drugstore, you can either use their Telegram and WhatsApp number which is +380 970 923 164. Also, you can send the drugstore an email via their contact form which pops up when you click the arrow located on the bottom-right of its web pages.

24hoursppc.org Reviews

When I searched online for 24hoursppc.org testimonials, I managed to locate a large number of these on a third-party site. The pharmacy appeared to have managed to build a base of happy customers. The testimonials were very positive. To illustrate this, I have captured a couple of the testimonials below:

24hoursppc.org Testimonials

The first reviewer indicates that he is fully satisfied with the services offered by 24hoursppc.org. He has been using the drugstore for 7 years. He was not sure how it would go since the drugstore had made some changes. However, after following some simple instructions on the drugstore website, he found the ordering to be much easier. He gives the drugstore service a rating of 10/10. Paying is much easier. He states that 24hoursppc.org has the best prices, products, and services.

Sanuich reports that he is happy with 24hoursppc.org. While his order was being processed, the drugstore responded to his messages. The drugstore reps are very informative. Everything was very organized and medications arrived on time.

24hoursppc.org Reviews 2018

24hoursppc.org appeared to be a very active steroid seller. The drugstore had reviews written a few months and weeks ago. I have captured the reviews below to help you get a clear picture of the services the pharmacy is offering in 2018.

24hoursppc.org Testimonials

Jess Chan who wrote his review about 2 weeks ago says that his order arrived without any problems. The pharmacy is always easy and fast. He indicates that the pharmacy was always responsive to his messages during the ordering process. Jess recommends shopping at 24hoursppc.org.

The second reviewer says that the products being offered by 24hoursppc.org have a great quality. The med shop is relatively fast in shipping. The pharmacy support team provides quick responses to the buyer’s queries. He states that the prices are not the cheapest. To him, they are average. However, he indicates that they are worth it since the drugstore delivers top-quality medications.

From the reviews outlined above, it is clear when you are shopping for your meds at 24hoursppc.org, you can be sure that these will be delivered. Overall, the customers are happy with the product quality, the responsive customer support team and the delivery time which according to them is relatively fast.

24hoursppc.org Coupon Codes

24hoursppc.org Coupons

I managed to locate a large number of coupon codes on a third-party site. The only bad thing about these coupon codes is that they all were expiring soon. However, I had to hope that there would be more coupons coming up soon. Below are some of the coupon codes I managed to locate:

The first coupon code will allow people who are purchasing their meds at 24hoursppc.org to enjoy a 10% discount. For you to use the second coupon code, you have to buy meds worth more than 100 dollars. The coupon will save you 20%. The third coupon code will allow the buyer to save 5%.


24hoursppc.org appears to be a great shop based on its user testimonials. The drugstore delivers high-quality drugs on time. The customer service department is great too. They always reply to customer queries. The only issue with this drugstore is the high medication prices. If you are on a budget and looking to save as much money as possible, you can find pharmacies with lower prices than 24hoursppc.org online.

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